January 9th and 11th 2008

January 9thJanuary 11th

I met up with Tom for some hours on January 9th: he was in the hydrotherapy pool at the centre and then we spoke with his doctor. I took a picture of him in his wheelchair with his collar off (he has to wear it till the start of next month). Tom showed me some of the work he has been doing on the mouse emulator. I met Tom again January 11th evening after driving the van to him from Standlake – Ellen was with him in his room on St Joseph’s Ward when I arrived. We set off quickly and I sat in he back of the van while Ellen drove us to the house of John Stewart, her father, near Winchester. It was wild weather – windy and snowy – but the drive was good. We all stayed at John’s which is a brilliant place. It was good to see how quickly and effortlessly the transfers were made (John has bought a great winch) and how relaxed Tom was in John’s house. I took a picture of Tom as he was lying in bed before we all went to sleep (actually early morning January 12th). Tom will return to the centre on Sunday afternoon, together with Ellen and Ollie. I am posting this from New York – I hope to be back in UK at the end of the coming week. [Ollie departs for Australia on the 17th]. Thanks to all.

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  1. Wow !
    Tom looks really great – what a handsome young man he is.
    The photos are just great.
    Congratulations to all the family, loved ones and nursing staff!
    Tom, your recovery is just spectacular and I am simply overwhelmed.

    It’s now exactly 33 years ago that I worked with David in Kurdistan.
    Amid the bombing and the blackout – no electricity- we celebrated New Year 1974 with the Kurds and the Save the Children Fund emergency team.

    Best wishes for 2008

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