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Hello everyone,

happy New Year, I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  My Christmas was very nice, a bit quieter from usual but very enjoyable nonetheless.  I had lots of visitors and spent lots of quality time with my family including cousins and aunts and uncle from the US, the transition went a lot smoother than expected, and the house was surprisingly easy to navigate.  It was great to see friends in a nonhospital environment, and I spent a lot of time playing board games and very little time watching telly or films as there weren’t many opportunities which created a welcome break from staring at screens.

Being around friends and family all the time made me feel very relaxed (unsurprisingly), and asking for help all the time became easier, as I felt guilty for having to take up so much of people’s time.  It will be easier when I have a live-in carer who will be able to do a lot of this instead of family and friends, but everyone was very generous over this period and looked after me very well and willingly.  One of the best parts was being able to wake up and go to sleep with Ellen every night2, along with being in a very warm and cosy house eating good food.  My appetite was very healthy over the Christmas period and only suffered slightly with a brief infection, which is a fairly normal occurrence.

thanks everyone who sent cards, messages, presents, donations and everyone who visited for making it a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year.  I had a great New Year spent playing a board game wit Ellen, Raj, Lizzie (Ellen’s friend from school) and my mum and grandfather, we tried to get into a local pub to get Raj a pint of Guinness, but it was a private party.  I didn’t manage to drink much because I was on a nasty antibiotic, but at least ha a few shots of whisky, which I greatly enjoyed.

I am back at Stoke, in the outpatient ward (St Josephs) and getting used to being back hospital, the blow is being softened by being able to spend time with Ellen.  We both send all best wishes     for this new year

2 thoughts on “happy 2008”

  1. Tom,
    I was reading your father’s bio as I’m going to be interviewing him tonight (5PM EST, USA) on http://www.radiosandysprings.com and obviously read about your accident last year.

    Without question I’m sure you’re getting the best care in the UK but, you might check out the Shepherd Spinal Center here in Atlanta. They do and have done absolutely amazing work. We have had them and a number of their patients local, national and internationally known on our station.

    We did a show for about six months on disabilities and the response was very interesting, nothing like I would have expected.

    With that said if you’re ever in Atlanta Georgia when visiting the States please look me up. I’m older than your father but still have contacts in the city.

    Take care and if I can be of any service in the States don’t hesitate to contact me.

    David Moxley
    Radio Sandy Springs, Inc.

  2. Tom

    Great to read about your Christmas and New Year break. This is to send our very best wishes for a happy and successful 2008. We shall be thinking of you as you continue with your preparations for discharge and as you think about job opportunities. You, Ellen, your families and friends continue to inspire us with your determination to make the most of everything. We hope you all have a brilliant year.
    Caroline, Simon, Grace and Sophie

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