Merry Christmas

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Another large gap between posts for which I apologise. Since the last post which was when the large collar was removed and replaced with a smaller one, I have ventured out more (albeit mainly to the pub) to go christmas shopping and went to my grandfather’s house to try to organise a potential Christmas stay. We have had two successful weekend leave visits to Ellen’s dad’s house and will continue with them over and after Christmas. I am making use of the Bell pub as a local resource, enjoying relaxing on the weekend. John Stewart ( has kindly asked his clients to donate to the pavilion trust instead of giving their yearly Christmas bottle of whisky. These and other generous actions are continuing to improve funds for the pavilion.

I have been keeping myself busy with a USB mouse project to enable people with mobility issues to use a mouse. This is going well and I’ve learnt a lot about USB development. Simon, the human resources manager from Roke Manor research, the company I had a contract with previously, has contacted me and we talked about the potential of me working there in the future. The next step is to do a corporate health assessment to gauge what adaptations are necessary for the workspace. This should happen in January.

My neck is getting stronger, and the range of neck movement is slowly increasing, I am waiting for the collar to come off in mid-January and for my assessment with the head controlled powered wheelchair, then I’ll looking into a small mounted computer and environmental controls.

Unfortunately this week I will probably lose my large room and have to downsize, meaning taking a lot of equipment back to my grandfather’s. After Christmas I will be moved to Joseph ward, outpatients, for six weeks.

I have been allocated funds for a carer over Christmas from the local authority, but unfortunately I have no carer to hire as there are all booked up for Christmas. This would help take pressure off my family a bit.

2Best wishes to all over the Christmas period.  Tom

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  1. Dear Tom,

    Yabbadabbadoooo! (to use Yogi the bear’s words). To my great joy, the news from you is getting better and better. Your plans for the future are becoming more and more tangible as preparations to accommodate you in your new abode progress. And now you even have made contact with a potential employer who seems seriously interested in recruiting you. This is fantastic!

    From that perspective moving into a smaller room and then temporarily staying in the outpatient ward for six weeks seem only small inconveniences on your path to a more independent and bright future.

    Christmas cheers from


  2. Dear Tom

    Thanks again for keeping in touch with all that’s been happening in your life. Such great news this time about Roke Manor and the work you’ve been doing on the mouse project. You’ve obviously got so much to contribute and are so talented in electronics, and I’m delighted that others are going to benefit from that talent.

    I’m also happy to know that your neck is getting stronger and that the end of the collar is in sight. It’s exciting that the Standlake project is taking shape and that you may be able to get back to the head controlled wheelchair fairly soon.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and may everything continue to improve steadily in the new year – you so much deserve it.

    All my good wishes


  3. Dear Tom,
    Great news about the Roke connection. Back to work in the New Year, then. Sounds good.
    I’m at The Limes in Standlake admiring your room, shifting furniture around, putting a few decorations up in Michael’s music room and generally looking forward to bringing you here to stay for the Christmas holidays. Felix, Jan and Pierce arrive tomorrow from Connecticut and Dubai respectively,and Blythe flies in on Christmas morning from New York. It’s all looking good.
    You have been elected boss of Xmas lunch, as you are the only one who knows how to roast potatoes properly. You’ll have willing kitchen slaves … and we will celebrate in style. Open house for anyone who wants to drop in at your invitation, and there are 2 good pubs in Standlake , The Black Horse and The Bell, as alternative rendez-vous.
    See you Friday – sorry I couldn’t come yesterday, was busy with medical student exams.. but I am free for a whole week from 21st. Love from Susie

  4. The family at Victoria Road will also be out to see you during the Christmas week. It’s a modern day miracle of technology that means you are there to enjoy it Tom – and but other half is of an age-old but very individual story of imagi-nation and determi-nation.
    Merry Christmas from your own ‘nation’ of well-wishers,

  5. Tom

    It was lovely to see you and meet your family at Graduation and its fantastic to hear about your progress to date and about the possible job offer – I hope all works out for you. You are still in my prayers and I hope you have a good family time this Christmas.

    Give my love to Rajiv if you see him – I thought he was going to be working at Brunel, but I’ve not seen/heard from him since Graduation – hope he is ok.

    Anyways I best get back to work….

    Take care

  6. Hi Tom,

    It’ s me Ilenia…..Do you remember me?I hope so…… we spent one year in the same house…..
    I was reading some messages of all your friends and I am very happy to understand that you are making many progress. I know you are a strong person and I am sure you will get better day by day.
    I have many plans for the new year and one of those is to come to visit you and all your family with my brother Andrea in Spring, so we can spend a bit of time together. I want also to tell you that on 24/05 Alessandro and I will get married.

    I will write you very soon.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and your friends.

    Love from Ilenia and Alessandro

    p.s. Marry Christmas from my family.

  7. Dear Tom,

    I have been thinking of you and imagining you among your loved ones having a wonderful Christmas day. Hope to see the pictures online soon…

    Our Christmas celebrations went extremely well for our standards (we are not the traditions-oriented kind of family). Thanks for your shopping ideas. The LRG hoody was a hit, the eagle one was judged as being too gaudy. I like it on myself, though, so I may keep it (although the kids think I look weird in a garment like that while friends say I look 20 years younger, which may mean the same). And since I did not get any gift… except the expensive painting I offered myself (did you get the card?)… I might as well.

    Happy Boxing Day and continued enjoyment of your time at home.



  8. Dear Tom,
    Thinking of you over this holiday time and hoping you had a great Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2008. Great news about your collar and work and accomodation prospects
    Maggie Mckenzie

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