Progress report from Tom: Wednesday October 31st

Tom says:

“I am doing better now: I am spending more time up in my chair each day as the broken skin has healed. Last Sunday Ellen and I went by taxi to Nikki’s and Tony’s place (Nikki is Ellen’s aunt) for lunch: it was GREAT to get out together.

Yesterday (Tuesday) Mum and Dad were here – we discussed the plans for the extension to my grandfather’s house in Standlake (my living quarters). It looks as though my due discharge date will be shifted to end January 2008. We now have planning permission and the building work will start soon.

We also looked at the funds available for the Pavilion, the name given to the separate building which will serve as my social and work space. Family and friends have so far pledged more than 70,000 pounds (nearly 10,000 from the Ultratour). This is a great start. I am so grateful to all – and would particularly like to thank cousins Ffion (who raised over a hundred pounds) and Ben (who raised more than three hundred pounds). I send my best wishes to Charles Scott and thank him too for raising funds as he goes through the Ironman endurance test in Florida this coming weekend. I cannot yet tell you the total that we will need for the Pavilion: I know that further funds will be needed to complete the project as intended.

I am inspired by all your kind deeds, some of which are very taxing, by the generosity of so many people (many of whom do not know me) and by the continued support from friends, family and the professionals here at the hospital. The period since my August 7th operation has not been easy, but I am no longer feverish and it looks as though the infections I had are under control (for now, at least). I am hoping that my “neofract” collar will be taken off this weekend and I will be able to move my neck ….and that I will be able to get around by myself again in an electric wheelchair before long. I really miss that independence.

I think that I have overcome the problem with speech recognition on my computer. Today (Wednesday) I have been concentrating on correspondence – trying to clear my backlog of e-mails. Little things still take so much longer than they used too, so I might not be able to reply as quickly as the senders (and I) would wish. I am learning not to be impatient!”

5 thoughts on “Progress report from Tom: Wednesday October 31st”

  1. Tom
    good to get some fresh news from you
    I was a bit worried but the bed rest has done the trick, glad you have communication channels sorted too.
    hope to visit you next week

  2. Hello Tom. Gillian’s sister here. Just to let you know that along with many, many people, we continue to think of you often, check in on your progress (at least weekly) and wish you well. Your spirit is amazing. Alison

  3. Hi Tom, Just to tell you that although its a while since I wrote, I am often checking in on you and marvelling at your strength and your ability to communicate with those of us who care about you. And good to hear about your various excursions: like a previous commentator I know your musical tastes are definitely different to my own! You were in our conversation last night when I had dinner with some old Liverpool friends (Hugh and Sally and Michael, Catriona, and Pat) who have all ended up in this part of the country – even better, I now work with Hugh and Pat in the Primary Care Trust – its a small world! Its the most beautiful sunny autumn day – I hope you are able to be out in it and regaining your mobility soon. Love to you and all the family, Claudia x

  4. hi tom do u remember me im jaames cousin ive come up from liverpool found out ages ago but only just found out u had a website which is amazin ive always left mesages for u with james im goin out with him on sat and ollie. i would love to come and see u if it is possible????? im so happy that your progressing in your health please message back if u can would be lovely to hear from u again. all my love claire roberts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Tom, sorry not to be in touch sooner, i’ve only just found your website. It is brilliant to hear about your progress and i love all the photo links! It it touching to see how much money you have raised and what a fantastic accomplishment James made in Floria! I wish January 2008 brings great blessings. Thinking of you M x

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