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3 I had a really good weekend, spent lots of time with Ellen and attend Asterix and friends at the Coronet in elephant and Castle in London ( This was a club night of epic proportions with loud psy- trance and techno. Music has always been a very large part of my life, and one of the things I’ve enjoyed most in life is dancing. Fortunately I still have my hearing so I can still appreciate music, I just can’t physically express my enjoyment in dance, or not conventional dancing. People would question how much someone who can’t dance would enjoy going to a club, seeing as dancing is the main activity of clubbing (along with actually listening to the music and meeting people ), but I enjoyed myself immensely. Watching people have a good time, becoming immersed in the music, enjoying the light show and being with friends was what I enjoyed most. I’ve been listening to this type of musi since a very young age, and the effect of listening to extremely loud funky techno, with all of its progressiveness, different frequencies, frequency modulation and multilayered syncopation, bass loud enough for the heartbeat to synchronise with it (and to reprogram my pacemaker -joke), really gives you a feeling of being immersed. I used to dance for hours without noticing the time go by.

The main act of the night was called Astrix and really made the dancefloor explode. With four industrial strengt green lasers, very powerful strobe lighting, more rotating coloured flashing lights than you can shake a stick at, enormous smoke machines etc…, it was quite a light show.Astrix played some very high energy trance classics as well as his new style of psy-trance.

four bouncers carried me up 30 steps to room two at 5:30am to listen to Chris Liberator’s techno set, which was strangely un-crowded, luckily for me. The same bouncers carried me back down at seven.

This week I will unfortunately be on bed rest, meaning I can’t leave my bed until probably next week. As you may imagine this is highly frustrating, and even using my computer in bed is very uncomfortable. This is a result of pressure sores on my arse, and before anyone jumps the gun, they were there before I went out on Saturday.

I’ve been writing small Python programs to keep myself busy, and reading various mailing lists. As well as vaguely looking for employment opportunities.


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  1. Hi Tom,

    Too bad you have to be in bed for a week! At least you got to enjoy a great night out before being sentenced to a prostrate state. Your description of the Astrix event sounds like you really got a lot out of it. Feeling connected like that must have been wonderful. All the best for quick healing so you can be up and wheeling around again soon!


  2. Hi Tom,

    For an old fart like me this sounds ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC!!! “… extremely loud funky techno, with all of its progressiveness, different frequencies, frequency modulation and multilayered syncopation” – I would be even more brain-dead that I already am going into such a Club, but with you, my pal: I HEREBY PROMISE THAT WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER … You show me the hidden pleasures of this extra-body experience …

    I have been to the Club Med in Egypt with my family and did my kite-surfing licence, just up your street …

    Now I am back in Sofia and have met both Mariela Zamfirova and Richard Clegg who both asked about you. They were the ones I called and who immediately came to the Military Hospital and helped with the admin work to get you to Stoke. I am sure they would appreciate a mail from you: and

    I will keep trying to get through by phone. Keep it up my pal,


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