Fundraiser in Kilburn

I attended the fundraiser event in Kilburn last night, which was superb.  A great mix of amazing musicians, from acoustic sets with silky voices, original use of a sampler to great effect mixing piano, vocals and percussion, lively and witty lyrics and finished off with a bit of energising punk.  Was great to see people I haven’t seen since the accident and to meet up with lots of friends from London.

I have been getting really heartwarming e-mails from friends and family, particularly friends who I haven’t seen for many years, and choose this moment to tell me about themselves.  It seems that thoughtful people really show their true colours when sympathising with misfortune

Thank you for the fund-raiser Erin (and Tai), and everyone else who made it such an enjoyable evening including mum for driving, Ellen for everything, Raj for catching me when I fell out of my chair.  59


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  1. Dear Tom

    Thank you for keeping us up to date with your progress and the fun things you are now doing. I’m very happy to know that the infection is waning and also that there may be possibilities for work with Meru. I’m really sorry that the company you had a contract with have not been more positive and supportive – that’s very disappointing.

    I so much enjoyed hearing about the Kilburn concert. Not that I know what you’re talking about when you mention acoustic sets with silky voices (?!), or samplers, but your enthusiasm and enjoyment are so evident and it’s lovely to know that you’re back to being able to throw yourself into music. (And I don’t mean falling out of your chair…)
    I grew up in London and knew Kilburn in the 1950s as my grandmother lived near there. Kilburn High Road was messy and colourful, with a mix of immigrants, especially from the West Indies and Ireland. And the traffic was always terrible! Good to know that the area is still full of life.

    Thinking about my grandmother led me on to thinking about your great-grandfather David, whom I knew when I was a child. He was very small with bushy eyebrows and was a fond great-uncle, who always encouraged me in my academic interests. My branch of the family was neither scientific nor medical, so he (and later your grandfather John) were much looked up to, and were always called on to give advice about medical matters. I can see that you have a remarkable genetic inheritance from both sides of your family!

    All my good wishes


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