rock music fundraiser

333333 I have been on bed rest for a week, and I am having trouble with this speech recognition software. My friends ( the wonderful lauras ) have organised another awsome event, please attend if you can (the good ship, kilburn high street, kilburn, london.- 28/11 from seven pm – genre: rock/metal). See you there



bed rest

3 I had a really good weekend, spent lots of time with Ellen and attend Asterix and friends at the Coronet in elephant and Castle in London ( This was a club night of epic proportions with loud psy- trance and techno. Music has always been a very large part of my life, and one of the things I’ve enjoyed most in life is dancing. Fortunately I still have my hearing so I can still appreciate music, I just can’t physically express my enjoyment in dance, or not conventional dancing. People would question how much someone who can’t dance would enjoy going to a club, seeing as dancing is the main activity of clubbing (along with actually listening to the music and meeting people ), but I enjoyed myself immensely. Watching people have a good time, becoming immersed in the music, enjoying the light show and being with friends was what I enjoyed most. I’ve been listening to this type of musi since a very young age, and the effect of listening to extremely loud funky techno, with all of its progressiveness, different frequencies, frequency modulation and multilayered syncopation, bass loud enough for the heartbeat to synchronise with it (and to reprogram my pacemaker -joke), really gives you a feeling of being immersed. I used to dance for hours without noticing the time go by.

The main act of the night was called Astrix and really made the dancefloor explode. With four industrial strengt green lasers, very powerful strobe lighting, more rotating coloured flashing lights than you can shake a stick at, enormous smoke machines etc…, it was quite a light show.Astrix played some very high energy trance classics as well as his new style of psy-trance.

four bouncers carried me up 30 steps to room two at 5:30am to listen to Chris Liberator’s techno set, which was strangely un-crowded, luckily for me. The same bouncers carried me back down at seven.

This week I will unfortunately be on bed rest, meaning I can’t leave my bed until probably next week. As you may imagine this is highly frustrating, and even using my computer in bed is very uncomfortable. This is a result of pressure sores on my arse, and before anyone jumps the gun, they were there before I went out on Saturday.

I’ve been writing small Python programs to keep myself busy, and reading various mailing lists. As well as vaguely looking for employment opportunities.


Fundraiser in Kilburn

I attended the fundraiser event in Kilburn last night, which was superb.  A great mix of amazing musicians, from acoustic sets with silky voices, original use of a sampler to great effect mixing piano, vocals and percussion, lively and witty lyrics and finished off with a bit of energising punk.  Was great to see people I haven’t seen since the accident and to meet up with lots of friends from London.

I have been getting really heartwarming e-mails from friends and family, particularly friends who I haven’t seen for many years, and choose this moment to tell me about themselves.  It seems that thoughtful people really show their true colours when sympathising with misfortune

Thank you for the fund-raiser Erin (and Tai), and everyone else who made it such an enjoyable evening including mum for driving, Ellen for everything, Raj for catching me when I fell out of my chair.  59


Progress and Ironman race by Charles Scott

3This is a post to tell you all about some progress in my rehabilitation, please don’t forget to check the previous post (thank you dad) about Charles’s Ironman race which is kindly in aid of the Pavilion trust. My best wishes and greatest thanks to Charles.

Ellen is very busy, involved in multiple productions, painting sky on the floor of a set as well as other strange tasks. We see each other every weekend which is nice, and also as well as giving her space, it stops me from being too dependent on her. Oliver, Polly and my friends have been keeping me entertained, as well as mum visiting often to help me out and offer support which is lovely. I’ve enjoyed visits from Michael greatly as we have had interesting conversations about varied topics including Burma, Michael’s historical archives and the future of life at Standlake.I enjoyed a visit from Bob Fryatt and Samantha Bolton, members of the fundraising effort for the ultra-tour Marathon which Rob Holden took part in, we talked about how to present to raise money to the backup trust. (Please see the latest news on the Ultratour appeal and the plans for an event in November on the “Ultratour News” page).

I have had lots of time to spend on the computer which has enabled me to research into the areas of software and hardware to enable people with disabilities to use computers. As usual when you delve into an interesting new area, you find ever more depth in the subject, so this is keeping me busy. I am learning a new programming language called Python as I’ve said before, but mostly passively learning about advances in the area of accessible technology by reading mailing lists such as oat-sig, from some very interesting and amazing programmers. I have been in contact with the company I had a contract with, which resulted in a fairly neutral reply, and have been in contact with meru, who have an interesting project which I may work on involving pic programming to convert four switches into a joystick. I have been looking at brain signal interpretation technology as well as muscle stimulation receptors as switches and gaze driven switches.

The infection in my neck is going down steadily (crp level is down to 20-ish, from 110 maximum, onto oral antibiotics when this drops below 10), and the collar is off in four weeks. After this, I will be working on my neck and shoulder muscles to strengthen them in order to be stable for release, which we are planning for around christmas but this depends on the buildings at Standlake. I have been looking over the architectural drawings for Standlake, which seemed very good although it is difficult to imagine what it will be like to live there full-time.2

I’m looking forward to this evening which I will spend with my sister and Ellen, Best regards to everyone, have a good weekend

Love Tom

Charles Scott (of Intel) and Ironman Florida November 3rd

Charles Scott and his son Sho at last year’s Ironman in Lake Placid
From: Scott, Charles R []
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 2:14 PM
To: Friends, family and work colleagues
Subject: Ironman race idea
On November 3, I will race in Ironman Florida, which includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run. I am dedicating this effort to Tom Nabarro, a 23 year-old who was paralyzed from the neck down this year in a snow boarding accident. Tom’s brother goes to school with my son, and when I heard about the accident, I started following his progress. Tom is still in the hospital, and his determination to face this devastating challenge has been inspiring — check out his blog at

Here’s an excerpt:

“I am getting used to asking for help and not feeling guilty, which is a hard step. The times when I feel jealous of people doing things I would enjoy but can’t, and the times that I feel regret for what has happened are getting less and less. I am still hopefull of being able to move more muscles in my body in the future whilst accepting that for the moment the important thing is to focus on techniques to enable me to be more functional with my current physical ability. I feel lonely sometimes when alone, and feel sad that I’m not at home with my family, but the support I have allows me not to dwell on feelings of self pity. I feel that the most important tool that I use to avoid the settling of negative thoughts and feelings is the ability to focus on potential projects and plans for the future.”

Tom completed a degree in engineering and was an intern at Intel last year, prior to the accident. His family is raising funds to build a customized work space for him to continue his engineering projects. If you would like to make a donation, use the following link:….

Also, please forward this along to anyone else you think would be interested in helping out.