Tuesday outing

I have been joining mailing lists and exploring the vast number of accessible technology projects on the Internet, offering my limited help.  There is some great work going on in these areas, one great website is oatsoft, which has some very interesting open source software projects.

I’ve also been looking into the speech recognition Internet communities, there seems to be some great scope for doing almost anything on the computer using Advanced Scripting, which is a way of programming a computer to respond to certain commands issued in the speech recognition software.  The easy but expensive way for me to do this is to upgrade my speech recognition software from Dragon naturally speaking preferred to Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional.  This will cost around $500, whereas the hard way is to use something called natPython, and open source software that is free but requires me to learn Python programming language.

I sent an e-mail to someone at Roke Manor to ask about employment opportunities, they will hopefully get back to me tomorrow on that.

Today I went to Claydon House with Mum and my brother – it’s a really nice picturesque stately home lived in by the family of Verneys, some of whom are family friends.  It was a lovely trip, a welcome change from the environment of the hospital.

As you can see I am trying to keep busy. Ellen is back at university in Cardiff at the Royal Welsh school of music and drama, this is going to take some getting used to.  Thank you to those who write comments, it’s lovely reading them.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday outing”

  1. Hello Tom
    I was really pleased to see you Monday Morning before you had got up, when I came in from NY. I will be back again (I hope) to do the same tomorrow, Wednesday, as I retirn from Luxembourg . Scores of people who know me and know of you sent you their love and best wishes form the meeting here. Thanks for the Post which i have enjoyed reading tonight. Glad you had an outing today: must make such a difference. Much love to you from David

  2. Tom, glad to see you are doing well. Just a quick note to say, in terms of the speech recognition stuff, I suggest you consider learning Python, since you already are well practised in OOP, it will be fairly straight forward for you to understand, plus it’s another weapon in your increasing range of skills. You have a serious opportunity here to use your engineering skills to the advantage of yourself and others, your a smart guy and you now have first hand experience (if somewhat unfortunate) with coping with disability. Anyone can learn Python if they really want to, you being you – learn it you shall and master it you may – either way you’re the man to make a difference in the speech recognition domain, not to mention other technologies such as eye motion detection (found a journal here : http://web.media.mit.edu/~alockerd/papers/selker-eyer-chi01.pdf ) and beyond. Whatever you do you’ll be a success – maybe you should bin the idea of becoming a pro snowboarder (clearly it’s not your strongest area) but other than that you can and will be the best 🙂
    By the way tom, my email is gtitim[at]gmail[dot]com

    Take it easy mate, keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Tom,

    Great to see some recent pictures of you! This contraption around your neck indeed looks like a huge nuisance. I am not surprised you can’t wait to get it off. Good thing you are managing your radiant smile in spite of it. Keep that up and keep going strong the way you have been. It is so amazing how resourceful you are. I remember a discussion on this blog about what would happen if we used our brains to its full potential. Seems to me like you are on the way there exploring new possibilities every minute of the day.



  4. How strange. I just posted another long message and it didn’t appear.
    Short and boring seems to be the answer.

    Thinking of you Tom, hoping the pain is much diminished.
    Longing for collar-release day for you, and for lots of work opportunities to come your way.

    Warmest wishes as always


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