after six weeks of this collar on, I now have six weeks left to endure.  Still feeling much better within myself most days, I had an enjoyable meeting with the member of a company called Possum, who manufacture environmental control unit’s.  These units can be used to control any infrared device or radio controlled device, they can be controlled by a switch or alternatively by voice recognition software.  I was very intrigued and even learnt how to program one.  Today I met members of a company called meru, these guys are very interesting and seemed keen to keep in touch.  We talked about page turning devices and potential ways in which I could help them.  Today’s is a short post, more to come soon.

Lots of love, Tom

3 thoughts on “halfway”

  1. I’m glad to hear you have 6 weeks left with the collar. Page turning devices must be pretty cool; sounds like it involves some serious tech. Oh yeah, a new season of Heroes will start soon (in the US – according to my intel). Thanks for keeping us posted dude.


  2. Tom

    I had 3 attempts to post a comment in the last 3 days and the last longer attempt a few moments ago, hence the test above.

    So relieved that the collar is on the way out and that this system still works.

    You sound excited about the new work and I am for you.

    Despite some strong initial doubts my work here is beginning to let me be grabbed too.

    love to you and Ellen.


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