Ultratour: Congratulations to Rob Holden

The news from Mont Blanc August 27th: “Rob Holden completed the Ultra run Tour early Sunday (26th) morning in the amazing time of 34 hours 17 minutes. His determination and spirit got him through this very tough course. He was running for almost $40,000 for Tom Nabarro and Back-up Trust and as predicted, he didn’t disappoint. Slightly battered and tired, he is resting in Chamonix this morning but will undoubtedly be able to recount the race from his perspective very shortly. We await this eagerly!” On Monday August 27th Rob recoded interviews for Radio Lancashire and on Tuesday August 28th Tom and Rob were interviewed together on Radio Oxford at 9.10am by Shabina Akhtar.


Tom is inspired by Rob’s strength, discipline and humanity, the great interview on WRG and the numerous messages of support from well-wishers. He is getting on top of the pain, the infection and other challenges and oriented to a goal of release from hospital before the end of the year. He is grateful to all for their amazing contributions to the UltraTour appeal (click here to access).

As you can see from the widget (above) the total number of contributors is awesome – more than 100. This is a superb foundation for the pavilion which will cost well over $200,000 so we still have some way to go!

Rob Holden’s UltraTour is described on the World Radio Geneva FM website. Rob’s interview with WRG is online under the Tom feature. Click here if you want to hear it (may take time to load).

We hear that some people have had difficulty working through Paypal (the on-line system for transferring funds from credit cards) and would prefer to contibute through Bank Transfers. Here are updated details for bank Transfer if Paypal direct not possible.
Account name: RJ Fryatt
Account: 00236354
IBAN: GB95LOYD30937900236354
UK sort code: 30-93-79
Address: Lloydstsb, 21-25 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9HW, UK
Details to provide with payment:
If any payments arrive in the account, Bob will transfer them into the paypal account and send confirmation to the person donating (which will take a few days).
If you have any problems please communicate with Linda at clemenssonl@who.int.

2 thoughts on “Ultratour: Congratulations to Rob Holden”

  1. Dear Tom, Rob and supporters,

    It is wonderful news that Rob Holden mastered the challenges of the Ultra Tour and was able to raise a solid funding basis for Tom’s Pavilion. Congratulations, Rob! I am very glad you made it safe and sound. A big thanks to all the people in Geneva who helped organize the fundraising and supported Rob in his courageous endeavor.

    I look forward to hearing more about your progress, Tom (hint, hint…). Hope all is going well for you and you are recovering quickly from your operation so you can move out of the ward after Christmas as you have been planning.

    Wishing you all the best,


  2. Many congratulations to Rob and his team on completing the Ultra Tour and doing it so fast. It’s difficult to imagine how you did it, but I now know that this website is populated by some amazing people with extraordinary achievements! It is great that you managed to raise so much for the pavilion and Back-Up Trust.

    Congratulations as well to Tom on your splendid interview for Radio Oxford. I’m sure this will bring you even more fans and I hope it will swell the funds as well. Your blogs are so understated and it was stark to hear you describe something of what you have been through in your own voice. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you to have even the limited movement you had before thwarted by the neck brace.

    There are so many people out here thinking of you every day and hoping that your recovery will continue well. We look forward to your being able to get on with your life and develop your profession.

    Warm wishes as always


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