Tom’s operation – another kind of marathon

Tuesday 7th August was a long day for the neurosurgeons and for Tom, but he was awake and off the ventilator and back on St Andrew ward by 9.30 pm. Thanks to the expert team who did the re-pinning and re-grafting that was needed. Now the physio’s and nurses are back on his case in earnest, and when he can sit up (not for a while yet), Tom is to have a custom-made neck collar which may be slightly more stylish than the previous version…

14 thoughts on “Tom’s operation – another kind of marathon”

  1. Fantastic news. I know the thought of this op was a huge worry for Tom and the whole family. It is also great that the old tube has not had to be re-inserted. Well done to everyone involved – particularly the young man himself. Great news Tom.
    It is sounding hopeful for making the party on 1st Sept!


  2. Good that this is now behind you, Tom! We all look forward to have you back without pain and taking the next big steps towards building your new life. Tom

  3. Thank you for letting us know the good news that Tom is through the surgery and off the ventilator. Such skilful surgeons and such an exceptional patient!
    Warmest wishes for continued strength during the next stages of your recovery,


  4. Must be a relief having that grueling op over. But now back to that frustrating regime of being treated like a foot-and-mouth suspected bovine. Glad to hear – via Michael – that you are among friends on the St Andrew’s ward. Would drive over but Vicky & I are off to the Berkshires to see Felix and my family. We will are be thinking of you – and keeping up to date with this marvellous website. Jay

  5. I,ve been following your progress through this site and through Susie, Tom and am in awe of your bravery and strength. All the very best in recovering from this last op – great that you were able to enjoy your birthday and graduation before- . We’ll keep thinking of you and wishing you all the very best- Maggie and Hamish Mckenzie

  6. So glad to hear the op is behind you – all the best for a speedy recovery. You are always in our thoughts, the Chapmans

  7. Bravo to everyone concerned !
    Please, please see the personal site of Philippe Streiff an ex Formula 1 pilote who became tetraplegique following a serious car racing accident in 1989. To day at 52 Mr Streiff drives a specially adapted car. In 2002 he became Technical Coucillor for the French Government for the handicapped. In April 2007 he was nominated Technical Councillor, Ministry of Transport in the new French Government. His personal web site is exceptionnel and full of inspiration. Please see “Presse et Actualité” – Une journée avec Philippe Streiff” – video clip (soutiens Nicolas Sarkozy) 02 avril 2007 – une merveille!

  8. Well done, Tom. You and those around you are magnificent. The warmth and love that radites from this site are almost tangible, and your stoicism and courage a fantastic example to all who view the site.

  9. I am so glad and relieved to hear the op has gone well… I have been thinking of you so much this week hoping all was well…
    Well done for getting thro that greulling hurdle….
    So its ‘onwards and upwards from here on in!!’
    Will be in to see you soon
    Sending get well hug.

    Nicole x

  10. Bonjour. i know i am extremely crap! My uncle’s computer was crap in canada so could get on there about twice the whole time so have been very out of the loop with everyone.
    But I just wanted to say bon-jour, ellen said you’ve got an op tomorrow or has my phone just mixed up all my messages and it was last week, either way it doesn’t matter good luck wither way.
    There was suppose to be a comet shower last night and i did keep looking for the shooting stars to make a wish for you but i couldn’t see any, but i made a wich anyway just in case! i just didn’t realise i saw it!

    You look like you’ve been having a whale of time in your photos, you can tell me all when i see you. I had plans to come down at the end of the week if your diary permits of course! I can tell you a story about camping in the rockies and have ogre feet from mosquito bites, seriously they were discusting!

    Anyway, i will stop my mini rambling now, and hopefully see you very soon, good luck with tomorrow (if it is tomorrow)
    Lover Verity xsxxx

  11. Hi Tom, I am not sure if you remember me, Me Emma and Kat used to see you a lot in Tower C, do you remember!!? We have been following your news constantly and getting updates from Tim Bland plus reading this website.
    I never thought anybody could have come across this as you did but then again, it is you Tom not anybody. I really admire your power and strength. I just wanted to say that I am very happy for your progress. Congratulations for your university results, well done, you are a legend. Please accept my warm greetings.

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