Progress June 30 – July 7

David met up with Tom on June 30 following a meeting in Rome. In the three weeks since he had last seen Tom there has been great progress. David says “I found Tom using the new voice recognition software, and preparing a new post for the blog. Raj came with friends and Tom entertained in the courtyard. It was a great day. After travelling to Leamington to complete Oliver’s move out (his time at Warwick has come to an end) I returned to Stoke Mandeville. Raj came back with Laura and they discussed ways to raise funds for the PTF (the Laurafest). I then went to Heathrow to meet Gillian, Josie and Lucas flying in from New York. Sunday night we stayed with our friend Sarah in London, then Monday we went, with Oliver, to see Tom. This was the first time Josie and Lucas had seen him after the accident. They were gentle with Tom and enjoyed the gym, the computer and the wheelchair. He was pleased to see them. Later in the afternoon Maria and Peter Leisinger, their daughter Claudia and her partner Lee visited Tom: Freddie and Antony also came in from Oxford. We had a great time all together…and it was so good to have Maria and Peter there. They brought great music and treats. They stayed at the Olympic village and came back again Tuesday. Later Monday evening we had a great take out Chinese meal in Jimmy’s. Tuesday afternoon we drove to my sister Ruth’s where J and L met with their cousins – I also saw my mother Joan. Wednesday we travelled to Cambridge for lunch with Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy (who Gillian met 10 years ago when they were both pregnant and attending antenatal Yoga in Clapham). Stephen welcomed us: we also spoke at length with his support team and carers (Joan, Simon, Nicky and George). He has sold us his old Chrysler van and we drove it back to Aylesbury to show Tom. Ollie said to Stephen Thanks for seeing us and for selling us your car. it will be really helpful for getting Tom out and about during his recovery. Stephen said You are welcome and I wish him the best. it will be difficult but he will make it. On Saturday July 7th Ellen and I travelled with Tom to the 777 live electronic music festival in Aldershot. Olle and cousin Nat, and many of Tom and Ollie’s friends were there. We had a great time listening to psychotrance, hard trance, and more…Tom heard at least one of his favourite DJs and Infected Mushroom were impressive too. Tom got back to the Centre quite late. As I write this, Sunday, we are about to go back to New York. A great week. Thanks Tom, thanks Ellen, and thanks to the great team at Stoke Mandeville” Click here for the first video. … and click here for the second.

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  1. Again, Tom: GREAT news that you will now be driving around in the car of another guy with a First Class Honours Degree …

    The Swiss hell – and fundraisers will call you later tonight and will make sure that the donation website will be up and running soon!

    A hug from Tom

  2. Great news about your new wheelchair, the Pavilion Fund and your fantastic degree. Well Done!. I am so pleased you will be in Standlake, a wonderful, inspiring place, which has many memories for me. I will put my thinking hat on to come up with ideas for fund raising for the Pavilion. It all sounds good, though I expect there are horrible painful times too when you don’t feel like making the effort. Keep up the good work Tom; I continue to think of you every day, and send lots of love to you and your wonderful family. Zannaxxxx

  3. hey tom, just to say a huge congratulations on your first (was there ever really any doubt?) :-). so glad that you’ve managed to get to at least one festival this year to see some music as well. raising funds for laurafest eh? i remember talking about that last year in italy, am flying out to amsterdam on monday, maybe i could sell myself a few times to raise a bit of money…just kidding (or am i?). anyway, shall be back from travels on august 16th, would be so nice to hook up then if youre free to have a much needed and overdue catch up…i think the football season mightve started by then as well, up the spurs! anyway, im rambling. take care, see you soon x

  4. Hey Tom!!!
    Big well done for your first!!! wooooooo!!!
    As you probabaly know college has now finished, so i took the opportunity to go to a story telling festival on the weekend. I went into one tent and was summoned into a big hippy circle of people where everyone was told to tell their own short story, riddle or poem! I was utterly terrified, how did i manage to get myself into this situation!! Luckily after a good hour of listening to riddles, and stories about tribes and buttons ”fit for the finest king” i managed to escape. Phew!
    Now im doing a bit of job hunting, unsuccessfully i might add- giving a 40 year old man a bubble bath 3 times a week was not what i had in mind!! (gross)
    Im sending all my love to you and Els…
    and hoping to hop on that mega bus soon.
    Huge hug from Blod

  5. Dear Tom it’s fantastic to see from all the news on this site how well you are doing. Congratulations on your degree. We have no doubt there will be many more amazing achievements to come no matter what difficulties you face on the way. We also would like to contibute to the pavilion fund in some way and will get in touch again about this later. We watched the music festival videos and it was good to see you on them (shame about the music though!!!!!!!!!!!!) Ben and Katy send their love. Ben also has dubious musical taste -he went to a Wu Tang concert in London recently with half of Cherwell. Didn’t get back until 3.15 in the morning but managed to drag himself to school next morning. That’s an achievement for him! Take good care of yourself love Sue and John

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