Degree Course Result

Tom here

Just a quick note to say that I heard today that I am to receive a first class Honours degree in Electronics and Microelectronic Engineering from Brunel University. I’m really pleased. More details to follow..

Tom and Polly celebrating the good news

Tom and Polly celebrating the good news this afternoon
Thanks for the picture, Nicole

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  1. Tom
    Congratulations – you deserve it.
    I was so pleased, it prompted me to master the registration for this site so that I can, at last, send you directly my love and best wishes.

  2. Well done on your results, Tom. Your plans for Standlake sound really exciting.
    We’ll try to come up with some fundraising idea.
    Suzanna’s in South Africa at the moment, she was lucky enough to be chosen
    to go on a fantastic adventure in the Eastern Cape, by a bank which sponsors
    her college!
    We’ve all been following your progress on the site. Arthur’s in Italy, but computerless,
    so I send him update by post from time to time.

  3. Tom
    Amazing news about your degree – fantastic. Everybody must be so proud of you. All the best – Alison (from Oz)

  4. So here’s the news we have all been waiting for… you and Raj both getting Firsts. I am so proud of you, Tom.. Congratulations from everyone at the Nuffield Health Centre in Witney, for starters.
    I wanted to be there too to celebrate with you, but after enjoying my time with you in and around St David ward on Tuesday after Ellen set off for Prague, and on Wednesday with Polly and Nikki and Tony, I had to do a day’s work.
    I gather you have already been visited and toasted by Raj and Ged as well as Polly and Nicole today.
    I just hope those red geraniums from Waddesdon are smiling at you. Good night , & sogni d’oro…
    Love from Susie

  5. Tom
    That is wonderful news – bless you and well done.
    Jan and I send you all our love and best wishes as this well deserved recognition makes us prouder than ever of you and your accomplishments.
    We will be celebrating Blythe’s graduation with her and our Norfolk based friends this Saturday afternoon and will certainly raise a glass in your direction as we do so.
    Kudos, too, to Brunel for making the right call, and I’m sure plans will be well in hand to somehow get you down there so you can be a part of your graduating class – we look forward to seeing the photos.
    I look forward, too, to hearing more of the development plans in Standlake.
    Big love, as ever, from Jan and Felix

  6. Hi Tom,
    I’m a friend of Susie’s, like many people I have been reading your web site with awe and wonder at your progress and your spirits and at your wonderful family and friends, and although you don’t know me, I thought, that a person can’t have too many congratulations for getting a first, so here are some more congratulations, for your richly deserved success. Many more of them!

  7. Hi Tom….

    I had a wonderful day visiting you with Polly yesterday…. and so thrilled to be there on the day you got your BIG NEWS!! CONGRATS again… Enjoyed the err Bolly and ‘fresh’ oj…. all went down very well in the courtyard during the break in the clouds!!!
    Hope you have plenty of celebrations over the w/e… and of course the ‘anti – glastonbury’ party!! Will let you know just how muddy it is!!
    Really enjoyed meeting your friends Ged and Raj… (Encore de congrats to Raj too…. shame you didnt get tix to Glasto he he:) )
    Will be back in to see you SOON
    You sooooo deserve that 1ST…….
    Nicole xx

  8. Congratulations on your First – impressive! And so lovely for us to see all the progress of the last three weeks or so. How great to be sipping champagne. Grace and Sophie (now on summer holidays) think the new wheelchair looks cool! The plans for the future look good we will have a think about some fund raising – the girls do a mean bake sale!
    Our thoughts are with you all
    Caroline, Simon, Grace and Sophiex

  9. Fantastic news Tom – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Hope I get to share a glass of bubbly next time I see you….Love Claudia x

  10. oh wow Tom that is just fantastic news. We are so glad for you. And all the news about plans for Standlake too sound wonderful. Count us in. With lots of love and huge congrats from Alice, Nigel and Muna

  11. Well done Tom. What a rockstar!
    So wonderful to see you a couple of weeks ago. I’m back in LA now and promise to be in touch more frequently. I’ve also joined Facebook and so am able to connect with Ollie, Polly, Pierce and others that way too…
    Love you mate. Well done on all your wonderful achievements.
    Also, when I was over at Standlake, I was able to hear all the exciting plans on your new home and the pavilion. I think I might be able to help in a constructive way. I have some really good quality home furnishing and things like kitchen equipment, household stuff etc etc. Since I’m out here in LA, there is very little point in me shipping that stuff out here and even less point in just putting it in storage. So, when I’m back next time (probably late Autumn) I’ll make a trip down to standlake with a big load of stuff for your new home.

    Lots of love to you and Ellen…


  12. hi tom
    wow, nice one. brilliant result and sounds also like great news about your standlake plans and the speed of your recoveries.

    i’m saying hi from blantyre, malawi, where i arrived yesterday. my travels are going well, enjoying the road and the places i’m passing through. will give you a few more details when i get back or check out

    tom, what’s your email address? mine is if you get a chance, drop me an email, as it would be nice to communicate that way. nice oneX

  13. Hey Tom and Ellen, so sorry to have only just heard about everything that has happened to you, all my love and thoughts are with you and through finding this web site its amazing to see how well your doing, plus good work on the Ist mate think i will be lucky to pass my degree.
    I have spent the last six months working in a solicitors, bloody boring and i have to wear a suit everyday which really isnt me, but they seem to quite like me and ive worked out that no matter how badly i mess up as long as i smile they let me off, that trick is starting to wear thin though. Going back to newcastle in sept to try and finish my degree, again, i think this time i might be able to do it. Can see your probably very busy at the mo but if you and ellen get chance to drop me a line my email address is or facebook or i even have a myspace music site under pedro, its not good music, my phone number is still 07868649287 but this is changing shortly as appears that dropping my phone in a total of seven pints has finally taken its toll. Keep up the good work mate. Love you both.

  14. hey buddy, adam here. congratulations on the degree mate, thats brilliant!!! so hows things? ellen poped in2 work the other day, was great to see her! she told me all about ur progress, its great to hear that your doing so well! she told me that ur in aylsbury at the moment? thats just down the road from my mums mate! she lives in high wycombe! il pop in to see you wen im next there! look forward to seeing you soon mate, all the best adam x

  15. Congrats Tom although I never doubted it for a second.
    I won’t ask about your percentage, I’m sure it was higher than mine (76).

  16. Well done bro! Glad to hear you’re kicking ass. Man, I can hardly spell that second subject.
    Big ups from Berlin!

  17. Congratulations Tom!!!!! I always knew you are a smartie:) Anyway…. having a first in microelectronics takes things to another level…. Well done 🙂

  18. Dunno if you know but I’m planning to start a PhD in september, (one day I’ll grow up and stop studying, face the world and work, but that’s not gonna happen yet) so if you would like to have a geeky conversation I’ m always up for it 🙂 If you would like to email me my address is

  19. Haven’t written before but have been following the news and willing you to make the best possible progress. Degree news is fantastic!! (This is from your second cousin once removed – I was Rosemary Nabarro – who last saw you as a young boy.)

    Like someone who posted a message above the degree news and photo made me determined to master the site. I bet there are lots more people out there gunning for you but who found it less than straightforward to post a message!

  20. Congratulations Tom, over 80% as well thats fantastic!! im still waiting for confirmation of my results but i think its a 2.1 so im very happy too! am hoping to be able to come visit you soon im so sorry it hasn’t been sooner, well done again lovely, lots of love to you (& ells of course!)
    love Lilly

  21. Congratulations! This is our first message to you Tom, we are very happy with you and delighted that you received such top results! Do you remember when you had to study for exams at our place for an afternoon when everybody else went swimming? Well, it was worth it. We’ve been following your developments over the last couple of months on this site and it is so good to see the photographs of you being out in the sunshine. You are blessed with a strong and supporting circle of close friends. So good to see the smiles on all the faces. Well done on making such progress and getting rid of all the tubes.
    The boys are asking a lot of questions about you. When I show them the comments and pictures they understand a lot better what you are going through. This site is fantastic and well done for setting it up.

    Lots of love from Gaby, Mark, Max and Edwin from Lake Zurich

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