It is just lovely to visit you in your new huge room which opens out onto the brick courtyard with tables and chairs .. Extra great to see you buzzing about the hospital independently instead of having to be wheeled around by us; visiting the staff on St Andrew’s ward to see if they are managing without you; doing 3-point turns in the lifts, and all. A whole new life, up and going after 7 weeks in bed. Michael was so impressed by your rehab that he got competitive and made the trip across from Standlake to Aylesbury in his new car today – he’ll be back soon, to talk more with you about Chris Isham’s work on topoi (recent New Scientist article). I shall come with red geraniums for your windowsill, and more forms to fill in, punctuated by pancakes and maple syrup (1) from taf and Fred (III).
Love you forever .. Susie
(I’m using Polly’s log-in, as I have encountered barbed wire every time so far).

PS Some time back, you showed your e-mail address for people to write to you & Ellen, outwith the website. Here it is again :

9 thoughts on “Susie”

    It’s made my day to read it! Just don’t have a crash speed-trialing your wheelchair.
    My next visit will have to wait until the examining and proof-reading season has exhausted itself.
    with love to you, Ellen and all the family,

  2. PLEASE put a picture of you in your new chair on the web – what a big step towards greater independence! Make sure you don’t break the speed limit inside the hosputal … A smile from Tom

  3. with the maple syrup we got you aswell, you’re going to be stocked up for decades….say goodbye to your teeth bro.

  4. hey tom! its great to hear how well u are doing. last night you and ellen were in my dream… it felt so real, was so wierd, but i now feel like i saw u just yesterday, which is quite nice. i want to come and visit for real soon, ill speak to ellen… maybe next week sometime cause im off on a summer holiday student stylie to brighton tomorrow for a few days. xxxx

  5. Hi Tom, I was deeply saddened to hear about your tragic accident, yet very pleased to see your rehab progress.
    I’ve recently come to hear of your website so here i am.

    I read through the archives and well its great to see you relaxing in the sun.
    You’ve always been a lively character and i can see it shining right through.

    I’m off to Dubai in a week, then onto Saudia Arabia to study Arabic for approx 3 months.
    Djei (from Intel) is on messenger and says hi – we both hope to visit if i get the time this week.
    Keep up the good progress.


  6. Hi Tom
    Glad to see you’re up and about in your new wheelchair. I’ve just checked out your
    email address – I guess you’ve earned the right to be an honorary Wizz (or Whizz).
    Lots of love
    Wizz and Mrs Wizz

    (aka your cousin Zoe and Mike Wyzgowski)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS !!! On your first class degree from Brunnel University – we are so happy for you, WELL DONE ! Tom

    Delighted at your success!

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