June 11th

Tom moved to the rehab ward – St David’s – yesterday (Sunday) and we heard today that he is now more mobile. He is also mastering the software and gadgets needed for independent operation of the computer. (I am not able to be with Tom right now – I write from the Pacific Health Summit in Seattle whence many well-wishers send their greetings).

7 thoughts on “June 11th”

  1. Oh cool! Well done, Tom. As always, your determination astounds me and fills me with hope for your future in this reconfigured world.
    How sweet that you are now under the kind auspices of Dewi-Sant – as a Welsh sympathiser, I’ve always had a soft spot for him.
    So what happens next on the computing front? I’ll be expecting email from you, you know – no excuses now.
    Best love to you both from all of us in Norfolk, Ct.
    xx Uncle Flix

  2. New rehab ward – more mobility – starting your own computer use again: you’re on the right way, Tom !!! A warm hug from the Ernsts

  3. its really incredible all the progress your making tom, im so impressed, its really good, i get back soon and am looking forward to coming to visit you. best of luck and much much love from lamu

  4. Hey Tom! Really good to see you the other day. Well impressed by all of the high-tech computer stuff. Glad you liked the Cd’s: if there’s any music you like but haven’t got just let Poll know and I’ll get a copy for you. Just got my photos developed from S. America and have got myself into a bit of a panic as they’ve come back all jumbled and there’s over 1000 of them! When I’ve got them all sorted I’ll bring them to show you. Hope alls well with your new room. Send my love to Ellen, Liv xx

  5. Dear Tom,

    We haven’t met before but I worked with your Dad in Tanzania when we were in ODA. I want to say how very sorry I am to hear about your accident. I can see from the various updates by yourself, David and others that you are making rapid progress and in a short space of time (though it probably seems a very long time to you).

    I don’t know if you are an avid reader, but if you are, I’m happy to share some good reads with you.

    My thoughts are with you.


  6. Thank you David for the update! All of us who log on every day to see what is going on are glad to read this news.
    Tom, the voice/face operated software is key to your life and these must be huge days of progress.
    I am so happy to know you are getting to grips with the operation of that computer. Many other great things will doubtless proceed from these skills!
    I have just spent all afternoon closetted in a Vice Chancellor’s Group on Energy in the 21st century, amazed at the marvels of technology which are now at the research stage and not so idly wondering what is also in the tubes for people with your abilities and disabilities.
    The 21st century is full of marvels as well as threats. On that extremely corny note I am going to have supper – after two lively hours spent in the garden with our Book Club, generally enjoying Kiran Desai’s ‘The Inheritance of Loss’ which won the Booker prize last year. Man-Booker, sorry.
    with love from all of us at 36 and hoping to see you soon – at least when the exam season has run its necessary course,
    Barbara, Kaveri and Elinor

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