Picnic in the fields … June 3rd: Trachy out … June 4th

Hot on the heels of a visit by Claudia and Kenah on Saturday June 2nd (see picture), on the Sunday Thomas Ernst travelled to Aylesbury from Geneva (en route to paddle a bath down the River Thames) and David came in from New York. Ellen’s cousins Emily and Jo were visiting her. After Tom N had got up, he had a picnic lunch with Ellen and her sister Louise, Emily and Matt, Jo and Dan, Thomas Ernst and David. He asked that it be outside the hospital and we found a spot in a field looking oveer the Chilterns. It was quite hot, but there was enough shade for most of us (though we had to look out for stinging nettles). We ate very nourishing food, and chatted for hours (see pictures). David lent Tom his Pradas (and as you can see Tom looks good in them). This was another step forward for Tom who hopes to have the trachaeotomy tube out tomorrow. Polly came from Oxford and we all tried out different gadgets for stroking and stimulating the scalp and reducing neck pain (Orgasmatron – heard of it??). And we had a fun evening: we laughed a lot. Thanks for coming Thomas.
Next day (June 4th) David returns – meets up with Barbara (first time after nearly 20 years) and they watch as the Tracheotomy tube is removed. Brilliant. When Ellen comes in we all share the joy of a great LEAP forward. The doctors visit en masse, Tom has lunch (swallowing feels very different) and we install the new laptop. David starts his travels again.

Tom and Jeff celebrate the removal of the Trachy tube

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  1. Great to be able to talk yesterday evening – and to see pics of you in the field – and maybe not enjoying the spider on your scalp – yet.

    Soon off to see you all for myself.

    Meanwhile what I am NOT bringing with me are ferns I picked for you from the Malvern hills – they drink water at such a rate that even being parted from their roots for 20 minutes made them wilt irretrievably. No I did not feel guilty picking them at the time because they are invading land that the conservators want to protect as pasture.

    Two great days with walks of 9 miles each, up and back the south end of this range of hills on the border of England and Wales on saturday – and then the northern range on sunday. These hills are a wierd combination of wilderness and suburbia. The land on either side is very different – much more wooded and less densely settled on the Welsh side. And high tech military radar establishment, technology parks, the county fairground and posh schools to the east. And endless Elgariana – because Edward Elgar would have been 150 this year. There are Elgar motoring routes just like the Route Richard Coeur de Lion in my lost corner of France.

    For someone as old as me there was an unexpectedly huge amount of climbing and descending as well so I feel the same way I felt after doing the garden. The most interesting party of walkers was a group of teenage Muslim girls from Birmingham – doing what we were doing but with their hijabs flying every which way!

    Acheing, creaking Barbara

  2. Having written about the Route Richard Coeur de Lion before coming to see you,
    Tom, the road from Oxford to Aylesbury will be Route Thomas Coeur de Lion
    et Ellen Coeur de Lionne for ever more!

    Very good indeed to see the man in person, and surrounded by less and less
    technology as the morning went on.

    Looking forward to a longer talk with Ellen next time round.

    Sock it to the mafia!
    love, Barbara

  3. Hi my dear friends Tom and Ellen.Great news and great new photos!!!
    That blossoms near Tom, do you know the name. `Cos just few days a go me and Lily
    made a juice (concentrat ) from those blossoms.It`s very tasy and healthy.
    Mabe your i England are more tasty(ha,ha)
    All the best to you.
    Love Sasha and Lily

  4. Great to see you having a proper picnic – just a day after we shared strawberries and mango with you on Saturday (did you get the photo I took of you and Kenah? I emailed it to David as instructed)……..It was so good to see you and talk, and to hear about your plans and hopes and frustrations, and how having achieved so many BIG little goals now means you have to address the BIG BIG goals….and laughing about how great it is that your Dad is so into all the new toys you need to
    make things work for you! Very good to meet Ellen too, and thanks both for your warm and gracious hospitality. Love Claudia xx

  5. Hi Tom and Ellen –
    I saw Susie last weekend and have been trying to find your email address on the site. I guess posting a comment is the same! It’s lovely to see your pictures and read about your progress.
    I told your mum about a friend i have in bristol who used to be a carer for Rob, a tetraplegic guy in Leeds. He’s just about to start his own website business and is pretty up on all the gadgets that he finds useful. If you want to email Anna, her email’s littlefrogule@lycos.com. She’d be happy to answer any questions you might have or put you in contact with Rob, if you might find that useful.
    Hope that you get to enjoy more of the sunshine. Lots of love from me and all the Rawlences x

  6. Hey! Just wanted to say how ace it was to see you on Sunday – all of us had such a fantastic day – really wish we were still there, such a rare opportunity that some of the most important people in my life (all of our lives had the opportunity to get together!) So pleased you’re improving everyday – you’re truly amazing – makes me so happy to see you and Ells together – I know things will continue to get better day after day! – Matt and I will be sure to bug you more frequently!!! Matt is disappointed that Wenger didn’t inspire you to become an arsenal fan and says that you’ll have to go and watch a game with him ASAP! Loads of love to you (and of course Boots (he,he) from us both xx

  7. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! What amazing progress!!… i only blinked once i think and now you are off out on PICNICS!!
    Such fantastic news Tom – you are amazing…. Keep up the good work.
    The picnic looked huge fun – so cool in the prada’s… tho not sure you enjoyed the ‘orgasmatron’??!!!
    lotsa love Nicole x

  8. Dear Tom and Ellen,

    The photos from your picnic last weekend are lovely. You all seem to be having a terrific time – that head massager thing looks like it must feel very good! Congratulations on all the recent progress during last week and this week. We are so very happy for these steps.

    Emily and I just returned from our wonderful visit with Gillian, David, Josie, and Lucas. We so miss them so very much. During our visit, we took a boat around the Statue of Liberty and toured Ellis Island; Emily and Josie watched the latest Shrek movie (both agreed that #2 was the best of the lot); went to the beach on Long Island (the girls played for hours in the surf); got to kayak in the Hudson River (I am definitely not a good kayaker, although it was tremendously fun); went to Toys R Us (the girls loved this, while Gillian and I could not wait to leave!); and walked around the shopping area of Times Square. Gillian and I got in several amazing runs – Central Park and along the Hudson River. Emily and I also bought a few silly American food items that are difficult to find in Switzerland. Now that Emily seen Josie and had so much fun with her she has decided that she now wants to live in NYC as well! Since that unfortunately is not a possibility, we are already mentally planning for her upcoming visit to Geneva in August – although now it all seems too far off in the future.
    lots of love, Mary Lyn, Patrick, Emily and Olivia

  9. Hey Tom, good to see you out and about in the sunshine!
    So, when you getting back on the booze -I’ll sort some russian vodka out for you if you like! lol.

    Anyways, keep it up you’re doing incredibly well.
    See you soon mate, and Els I’ll get that foamboard to you soon!!

  10. Hey tom, just found the link on your facebook. amazing progress buddy! hope to hear from you soon. take it easy. Emrys

  11. Dear Tom and Ellen
    So glad to see your doing so well, i only recently found out about your accident but im so happy your progressing so quickly.
    Ellen really is showing her full colours she must make you so happy. Keep positive, im sure if people put their mind to anything they can do it, and im sure you’ll keep getting better everyday.
    All my love to you Ellen and your familys.
    Hannah x

  12. Dear Tom, CONGRATULATIONS on getting rid of that tube. I hope it feels ok… not too sore? It’s an amazing step to take, incredible how much progress you’re making. Not to mention the lovely smiles and sexy Pradas. I’m thinking of you every day. Really looking forward to seeing you after – ooh – 10 years??!
    Lou xx

  13. Hey man, its great to see you’re getting better, and maintaining your silly grin! Keep up the good work dude:)


  14. Hey Tom,

    its been a few years but i am really glad that your making such good progress and i am sure you will continue to do so.

    Good luck mate


  15. Dear Tom,
    I hope the site of the tube is healing fast – have they taken the masking tape off yet?!

    Thought you might like to know that the new masters degree on India which I talked about – probably obsessively – last monday has been approved by the university – one final hoop to go, but it _will_ happen!
    So tonight a visitor from New Delhi and one from Kolkata and I celebrated; and from the terrace of Wolfson college looking out over the water meadows, we also conceived a project to punt on the Cherwell – which is bound to be more than it seems…..

    This week I also went to talk about capitalism and poverty in Denmark. This subject always provokes incredulity and denial as well as many kinds of more positive response. The C-word is currently pretty much forbidden in social science and the idea that it might create poverty as it is creating wealth is very unfamiliar to many people…

    I stayed on and played truant for an extra day and went for a long a very lovely walk around Copenhagen. There is a Round Tower which someday you’ll be able to go up as it has a circular ramp instead of steps. From the top is a delightful roofscape and a view of the elegant bridge linking Denmark to Sweden. In the space between the internal roof and the outer roof of the church which the Tower is attached to is an exhibition space and there I found a film and a set of portraits of 50 or so people – including several children – who still get incomes from fishing and live on a remote island called Christianso. The film is a fine work of art, interlacing peoples’ stories with beautiful shots of the mostly grey and angry sky and the sea. Putting that down makes it sound a difficult film but actually it was compulsive and moving. Other people happened on it – you could see that they thought ‘I’ll just do two minutes of this’ but they stayed. Then I walked on, ticking off other sights, enjoying the heat and dodging statuesque Danish women and men riding around on sit-up-and-beg bikes which looked for all the world like gazelles. Finally ended up at the magnificent museum built with Carlsberg lager money (drink on!) and containing a lot of ancient mediterranean sculpture which I gave a miss, together with treasures from C19 France and the Golden Age of Danish art (1820s) which I was just getting to enjoy when we were all shooed out. It is nice to feel that the day is incomplete and that there is so much more that is very attractive to explore.

    So batteries well charged to work right through the weekend!

    I hope you get out again. The forecast isn’t encouraging though I am told that it is being changed every day so we can live in hope.
    with love to you, Ellen and all the family,

  16. hey Tom!!!
    Huge congradulations once again on your progress… the photographs from the picnic are lovely and Els told me what a great day you all had. Hope the card from all the theartical design lot got to you ok, and just incase you were wondering i drew the little fat horse/guniea pig on the back!! At the mo i’m still working on Cinderella, and painting a huge staircase in pink and gold, its all very kitch and extremley camp. Soon to be added are four very pink and very fluffy peacocks!!!
    I think about you and Els alot and miss you both.
    lots of love to you
    Blodders xxxxxxxx

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