Off the vent!

Been a bit busy so have not had time to post, but lots of progress… Been off the vent since Monday (five days!) and had naso-gastric tube removed also, so am eating lots of solid food (and milkshakes, yum.)  The trachy is due to be removed on Monday and if all goes to plan I should be also be relocating to the rehab ward.  Been sat upright in the wheelchair for progressively longer periods.. now around eight hours at a time.  We (Ells, Tom and Weeze) are all quite weary here tonight, but will post more soon.  Thanks so much to everyone for all your lovely messages.

7 thoughts on “Off the vent!”

  1. Tom – I am sure that I can speak for ALL OF US that consist the ultimate FoT – fanclub: we are VERY proud of you !!! I cannot wait to be with you in Stoke tomorrow, Tom PS: FoT = Friends of Tom + Fans of Thomas

  2. Tomernst is right. You are wowing me, too, Tom. Your recovery progress must be way off the charts. I can’t believe you made it from five minutes to 24 hours in such a short time. Keep up the good work as you go into rehab!


  3. Hey Tom,
    Not sure if you will even remember me, but we went to school together.
    I heard the awfall news about your accident yesterday.Looking through
    your site I am just amazed at your inspirational postiveness and optimism,
    it is quite admiral. It looks like you have some brilliant friends and family
    supporting you. I wish you the best of luck with your fututre recovery
    in rehab.
    Lots of Love

  4. Tom, Simon Kroll just sent me the url and I’m amazed and delighted to read about the progress you are making. Mind-boggling determination! But no surprise there, knowing the gene-pool you come from!

    I’ll forward the url to George and Maya. I will be with them tomorrow, and we will be thinking about you getting rid of the trache. Another milestone! Hope it goes well.
    With love,

  5. Hey tom, lovely to hear your doing well! I’m really thrilled. Got through the first month of my 5 month sumer holiday…. and i can tell ya something, am bored as hell. theres absolutely nothing to do. also, hayfever… feel like i wanna scratch my eyeballs out lol. but anyway, i’d love to come and visit soon…. i miss ellen lots so it would be nice to see her too! xxxxxx

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