May 24th to 28th Progress

May 24th It was a beautiful day in New York today – warm sunshine, with a great sunset over the Hudson river. Tom was in the sun too, today. After an hour or so wondering whether it really was going to happen, Tom was lifted into a wheelchair (Ellen held his head) and was able to go outside and spend some time in the garden of the Centre. He also had eight hours off the ventilator, and macaroni cheese to eat. By the end of the day he was tired, and his heart was racing, but what a wonderful series of achievements! A big toast to those who have laid out the challenging milestones (goals?) for Tom’s recovery and rehabilitation, and to all who are helping him reach them, especially to Ellen and, of course, to Tom himself.
May 25th Marie, Fred and Jasper visited
May 26th Ellen, Jenny and her Tom were there in the morning: David came at about 13.00. Tom N was in bed but within an hour was dressed and winched into his wheelchair. For the next three hours or so he and David walked round the centre, sat in the garden (in the sun again) ate a BLT sandwich in Jimmy’s cafe, had a very productive physio session and then had another meal with jelly etc. David and Tom spoke with Ollie (who had done a DJ set last night to celebrate completing two of his four final exams) … David left Tom still off his ventilator (he plans 12 hours off today) and sitting in his chair…David then went to Oxford to find Polly who was celebrating with St Clare’s friends (graduation Ball last night). Late in the evening, back at the hospital, Tom was resting quietly – quite tired after more than 4 hours in the chair. He was still off the ventilator, with good blood oxygen levels and air entry – but hungry and keen to talk. David worked out how to make a high energy nightcap (made with skill). Ellen rang and spoke to David and Tom and then they chatted quietly into the night.
May 27th All day and all night off the ventilator. Wheelchair outing with David (in the rain, which was good but rather cold). Polly Ellen and David together in the evening. Ordering new laptop. New pictures….
May 28thDavid to centre early to say goodbye (then he and Polly go to Leamington to see Ollie)…Tom on excellent form….

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  1. What BRILLIANT news! Well done, Tom – you worked so hard to now be able to spend as much time off the vent! The trip to the garden is also a big step in the right direction. While tiring you it must have given you additional positive energy – I really look forward to see you next weekend. A hug from Tom

  2. Wow thats amazing! What an achievement. Good work! Thats so good, I am very impressed. Must be insane to see the outside world after being in that room for so long. You’ll be ready for a vindaloo soon…hehehe xx

  3. wicked news tom!! 8 whole hrs, incredible!! last we heard u were goin for 1hr. well done. and mac n cheese on top. on of my personal favorites 😉

    keep it up 😀

  4. Hi Tom, only just heard the terrible news about the accident from my parents who told me about this site. i know i havent really seen you since school and we didnt know each other that well but just wanted to tell you that so many ppl are thinking of you and wishing u well. from reading your blog it sounds like you are being so strong and im going to keep track of the great progress ur making. take care mate x

  5. Hi Tom
    You are a STAR!! Fantastic news to hear you have made it into the outside world….and 8 hours off the vent….AND macaronni cheese…!! An awesome achievement indeed and all in one day….
    It sounds as tho you will have plenty of visitors this w/e so i will come and see you next week…also have a chest infection and DONT wannabe passin that on!!
    Sorry about Liverpool losin… George was gutted…oh well!!

    Keep up the good work…You are so often in my thoughts Tom..

    Nicole xx

  6. Wow!!!
    well done, Tom!!! this sounds geat!!!
    what can i say – enjoy the view and the meal! 😉
    it’s not so sunny here in bulgaria the last days… i guess that’s ’cause Jen’s leaving tomorrow and the weather is getting ‘british’ so she can adapt easy when she’s back in wales 😀
    yep, the 3 months are gone now… time is flying. i suppose she’s gonna come and visit you, Tom. i’m so sorry i didn’t menage to make a music cd for you, but i’ll ask her to make a copy of the one i made for her, ok?
    i’m sure she has a lot of stories to tell you and Ellen. i hope you like them!
    keep on with the progress, man! i’m thinking of you!!!

    love tech

  7. hi Tom, its suzanna (romilly and arthur’s daughter).
    Sorry I haven’t posted before, but I’ve been checking your progress on here all the time.

    Well done with the 8 hours, that’s amazing! Keep up the good work,
    just wanted to let you know we’re all thinking of you and majorly impressed by
    how well ur doing!

    love zanna Xx

  8. From 20 mins an hr off the vent with no food to 8hrs straight, going outside WITH a full meal… in under a week! Thats incredible by anyones standards!

    Must have been a hell of a day for you, I hope you are proud of what you have achieved. Another huge step closer to your goal.

    Ellen I know he couldnt be where he is without your unfaltering support, I am amazed at you both.


  9. That made your day and now it’s made ours!
    Take it easy after that!
    What do you like about the world you see?
    with love and thoughts from all at 36,

  10. We last left a message a month ago but we have been watching your progress unfold on this wonderful site. We all read the post today with delight. We think of you, Ellen and your families often and continue to send our best wishes and positive thoughts to you all.
    Caroline, Simon, Grace and Sophie in Washington DC

  11. Dear Tom,

    This is such exhilarating news! I can imagine your pleasure of sitting in the sunlight and breathing in fresh air after all these weeks of confinement. Your hard work is paying off! And this is only the beginning of your journey.

    Answer to Susanna: I found the website googling David Nabarro.

    As to Barbara’s skeptical comment on the physical power of positive thought (you can’t have it both ways): I agree that blaming oneself is not helpful. If one believes that being low or having negative thoughts can cause physical harm, one may even create a vicious cycle, since this belief in itself is a negative thought. So, according to one’s own belief, it may lead exactly to the result one wants to avoid. Also taking this belief to extremes, one may end up blaming oneself for causes that are clearly outside of one’s control.

    So can you have it one only way? I tend to think so. We can choose our beliefs. Like Barbara, I belief that living your life in a positive spirit helps to stay healthy. And I trust that if something happened to my body, I have the power to support healing by suggestive thoughts, i.e. visualisation.

    To take this rather abstract discussion down to more practical terms: Tom, what I believe will help your healing is for you to get a very clear idea from your doctors of what exactly will have to happen in your body. Then create a very detailed movie of it in your head, like an animation in which you may see neural cells regenerating, rooting for each other, linking, and opening up pathways, synapses sparking and the whole neurological engine revying up. Continue to imagine the same for your muscles and whatever other body systems are currently affected. Run those movies over and over again in your head whenever you have some quiet time in your day. In a way you probably have done something similar already–and very successfully so–by learning how to breathe without a ventilator.

    It sounds like you will have quite a number of visitors this weekend to cheer you on and share these pleasures with you. Enjoy!

    All the best,


  12. good work tom, so glad to hear you’re making progress mate, such a great achievement, keep it up man and i hope to see you soon x

  13. Tom,
    Thats amazing news, I spoke to Els before i came to Egypt and I can’t believe that much has happened in just a week!!! I was thinking about you the other day and thought it would be really nice when you can go outside and get some fresh air and a change of scenary but i didn’t realise it would happen this fast!! It’s amazing how well your doing, you should be really proud of yourself.

    Anyways, i just thought id send my love from egypt and hopefully next time i get to see your website there’ll be even more progress!!! oh and good choice on the macaroni cheese. i hope they put tomatoes on top and a sprinkle of cheese and put it under the grill-,mmmmmm, its the best.

    Lizzie xx

  14. Hello Tom,

    Just a quick message to say that me and others are reading with interest and are delighted with the recent news of your progression.

    Keep strong pal.


  15. Hey Tom, sooooo glad ur getting to enjoy the sunshine. John and all the boys from football say Hi, they had presentation night on sat so they were all thinking of ya!!

    Dawny Dawn
    x x x

  16. Hey Tom..
    Just want to say it was so good to see you on the weekend…
    Keep going with the wheelchair outings- Your making incredible progress. Im look foward to coming to see you again, hopefully next time we can sit outside drinking smoothies together (the ones not free on the NHS!)
    love to you and Els…
    Blod and Tom

  17. good grief, Tom, that is amazing progress, many congratulations, and we hope your returning strength brings new pleasures into your days.. look forward to seeing you again soon
    lots of love
    Hugh & Hoonie

  18. Hi Tom !!!! Great thing to se you outside. Go Tommy, Go,Go!!!
    It`s wonderful idea with photos on the website.I can see everithing from miles.Even I can see rest of your family.I saw your Grandfather, he is one old stong man in very good condition.
    And now I am sure that you will be O.K.
    Great achivements Tom!!! Congratulations to you and manyregards for Ellen

  19. dear tom, great news to hear you are off ventilator for longer and longer and getting out in the sun. well done! such brilliant progress. keep it going and take the lows with the highs – it must be so exhausting and so much for you – and those close to you – to learn – but it looks like you are all achieving loads….
    good luck to ollie with the rest of his exams. max has his GCSE’s and anya her AS levels – leo still years away from all that, luckily. Liverpool will be the capital of culture next year and there has been loads of hype about it – and loads of building and probably loads of money wasted…I’m making a film with some refugee and local children about ‘roots’ or ‘routes’ – with musicians and artists.
    hope you are keeping your spirits up and learning a little more each day.
    love to all your family

  20. Hi Tom,
    We are thrilled to hear and see that you have made such great progress! Well done!!! Getting outside must have felt so good and refreshing. Glad to see that you avoided the rain. We got loads of it last weekend in Paris, and when we returned in Geneva, there was a dusting of snow behind our house! Very odd indeed. Wishing you all the best – Emily and I head off to see Josie, Lucas, Gillian and David in NYC. We can not wait. Lots of love, Mary Lyn and family

  21. Hello Noddy
    I’m afraid we just can’t get used to calling you Tom but do wonder whether Noddy drives you mad. You will have to tell Thomas when he next sees you. It’s fantastic that you are eating and able to get outside. Ben sends his love- he has just been to Devon for a long weekend and managed to get lost on route with the friends he was with never mind losing his wallet when he was there.He did manage to get back in one piece though and without a police escort!. Katy has started a new job as a commis chef at a Latin American restaurant just opened in town and is working mega hours but enjoying it. No other exciting news really keep positive. Will tune in again when I can get Thomas off the laptop!

  22. All day and all night off the vent? Wow, this is such good news man! I know I’ve said this several times now but I can’t help it, keep it up dude!
    I’m back at home in East London just doing bits and bobs like practicing guitar, reading and of course catching up on all the gaming I missed throughout the year (I’ve also been looking at jobs but I don’t wanna work yet, I just escaped school).
    Take care buddy,


  23. Dear Tom
    This is fantastic news. It was lovely to see the photos. We are glad the weather rose to the occasion, it is non stop rain here in Switzerland. We had snow on the Jura this week. We wish you lots of positive energy and all the best,
    Love Joy, Tony, Kate, Rose and Henry

  24. Hi Tom!
    It’s Lou here, your old (now literally) au pair. I just got a note from your mum about what’s happened. You are making AMAZING progress and more to the point being so brave and strong. I’m so proud of you. I still have such vivid memories of you when you were 9 – and mainly fighting with Olly!

    I’d love to come and see you, if you’re up for that. In the meantime, KEEP GOING TOM. You’re brilliant.

    Lots and lots of love
    Lou xxxx

  25. Hi Tom!

    I haven’t posted before but Jen and me were talking and thinking a lot about you…so I’ve always been informed 😉 I’m so happy to read about your progress – you’re amazing!! I’m sure that the sun, a lot of maccaroni cheese and the love of all the peolple around you will help you to keep on progressing…
    Just had my conference with all these painted chickens and sceletts (?) of cows Jen has already been talking about…now I’m enjoying my last weeks in Bulgaria, taking my last Shopska-salads and many many beers…
    love to you and Ellen…keep on fighting!!

    and ellen: hope you got back your wonderful smile…hope to cu soon!

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