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The beginning of this entry isn’t completely up to date as we started writing it on Monday and it is now Thursday and a lot has happened since… It was great to have Gary, Laura and Raj over on Saturday seeing how life is going in London.  Laura gave me a nice selection of photos.  They understood everything I said even with out Ellen there to lip-read. 

Had some difficulties with breathing last night (Sunday), one of the associated problems of being on a ventilator.  The experienced nurses sorted me out brilliantly.  Apart from this and some throat and neck pain everything is going well. 

It’s an interesting experience going from a life where time seems so limited with exam pressures and deadlines to life where time seems insignificant.  Due to the lack of visual changes my world exists in my head.  For a brief moment yesterday when they were changing my mattress to an airbed I got wheeled out of my room for the first time.

 I have been sleeping fairly well going to bed around 11 and waking around 7 or 8.  The morning hours drag on and this morning (monday) I was listening to music to help the time pass.  The music was dad’s excellent selection of chill out music on my ipod.  One song that made me drift away was ‘Let you go’ by Aaron Tyler.  Not particularly enjoying the Sean Paul I’d prefer it off my ipod J 

I’m sure a lot of people have pieces of music that have a special effect on them.  Another for me is the original ‘Salt water’ by Chicaine.  It reminds me of Tom Shepherd and the good old times.   I hope Tom, John, Sue, Ben and Kate are all doing well.  I miss the visits to your warm household.  Also I miss Fred and the Hunter household too.  Hoping Fred, Nick, Nicola, Hugo, Roland and Alex are all well as I’ve always enjoyed visiting their home so much. 

Laura, Gary and Raj will be pleased to know that we have now met Jimmy Saville twice.  He came in Monday and Tuesday and claimed that Tom was in the hospital under false pretences because he doesn’t allow people in here that are better looking than him.  He was great and was wearing quite a crazy outfit.  Molly dropped by to see us (which was lovely) and was also thrilled to meet him too.  She was here when he got his voice back for the first time.

 Steve came to visit me yesterday the first of my friends to hear my voice.  I was a bit tired as I was also doing 5 minutes off the vent every hour but I really appreciate him coming and I hope he enjoyed it too.  Mum came for most of the day we had a lovely time being able to communicate and I recounted some of my memories of Bulgaria.It is Thursday today and we caught up on the comments from everyone on here and they are so all great and we were laughing so hard at a few of them.  We enjoyed hearing about Babara’s gardening experiences thank you.  I want to thank everyone for all the support and the messages that make me smile.  I want to reply to everyone but would be difficult as there are so many wonderful comments.   I have few messages to say to people… Congratulation to Jules, we think you’ll make a great mum.  We laughed so much at your message Haze. Great to hear from all you people abroad…Nat, Ged, Blodwen (Jenny), Sasha, (the people in Wales if that counts as abroad), Tom Ernst and others from Switzerland.  Thank you to James for his concern about my musical taste hopefully this will be something that mends with time, with respect to the ventilator settings I have no End expiratory pressure (PEEP), the rate is 12 breathes per minute and a tidal volume of 1.3 litres.  It’s great to hear from all the friends who I may not have spoken for a while. 

We have been enjoying the ‘Heros’ series courtesy of Lao.  Thank you so much.  And thanks to Raj for bringing it.  Thank you for the continuing flow of cards.  The walls are filling up beautifully.  Thank you to Mandy for the rainbow maker.  It managed to catch direct sunlight this morning at 7:30 and my room was filled with moving rainbows.  Thank you for the offers of audio books, my answer is yes please.  Lovely to hear from Bill and Colleen from Oregon, I’d love to see Bill in June if you have time to visit and would love to be sent any thing of interest by you Colleen, I feel isolated from the fast moving areas that have held my interest in the last few years, my interest having being fed and satisfied by people like you two especially.  My email is  If anyone else wants to email me on this feel free. 

One question:  If, on average, we were to use more than 10 percent of our brain, would we worry less about what we don’t possess?

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  1. The remaing 90% are actually not really brain – they are simply our attitude! And you sure make constant proof of being exceptionally gifted on both sides of this equasion …

  2. PS: Given that we’re humans, my fear is that even our last and only percent might keep worrying about just that … But I agree with you that we should much rather focus on what we DO posess!

  3. Not a medic, so hard to comment on that last question of yours, Tom. But my instant lay reaction is that IF using more than 10% of our brain actually made us less inconsistent and more able to examine our own double standards we might be able to overcome our envy for – and anxiety about – what we don’t possess. The insurance industry is based in part on such anxieties, and all that large part of our economy not based on basic needs is based on envy for ‘wants’ which are constructed for us. How that relates to our brains is an intriguing question. (But I have been looking, as a hobby, at British energy politics and it seems to me that not only does the government have a deal of design faults but so do we.) Interested to hear what others have to say about your question!

  4. Fantastic to hear you are so much better Tom and making progress with the ventilator.
    I am going to try and think about possible music for you to taste. My husband is a great Dylan fanatic, and plays his songs in a local club when the clientele let him. He says Visions of Johanna is the greatest song ever written. What do you think?
    Scilly is blowing gale force winds and monsoon rain today, and my hens have all retreated into their house, so that is why I am sitting here looking at your website and hoping for good news from you. I send you and all your supporters the 90% of my brain I am not using to help you along in your recovery. All Love, zanna

  5. oh no – a scientific question where all the research isn’t in yet…..
    Of course you know I have to get serious on this one. First I have to know if you’re actually speaking of lust or greed or just anxiety or OCD kind of worry……..Then we’d have to input whether you knew which regions of the brain were getting an increasage (word????) in use. And whether that increase was from using more cells or neurons or more uptake of certain neurotransmitters. Because then we could have the argument over whether it’s more the area of the brain (reptilian, etc. ) that controls lust AND LOVE and jealousy or the wrong balance of a particular chemical transmitter!!

    And of course if you make the jump to conclusion that using more brain would mean higher IQ, we’d have to look at the correlation of mental illness (especially schizophrenia) and very high IQ….but then one could just get depressed reading the studies that suggest strong correlation between extreme creativity and psychosis……

    And so it becomes obvious we should just be happy in not being too brilliant nor too creative so that we can count on less risk to our mental health!!

    Or was that a rhetorical question :>}

  6. hardcore. you got me thinking indeed. When i next come down i’m gonna bring some serious TV shows. Sopranos is mental, as is the Unit and the US version of the Office. And i can bring the new heroes if you let me know what episode you are up to. Is .avi format good for your ipod? Looking forward to watching Liverpool Milan with you (23rd May). Keep on trucking. o. x

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