May 8th Progress

Ellen texted me to say that Tom has had his tracheostomy tube changed. He is able to talk. So I called and spoke with Tom. It is not easy – he has to get used to speaking while on the ventilator. But he was able to tell me of plans to move forward with “weaning” tomorrow. I told him how delighted I was to hear of this great progress. Wow!

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  1. Wow dude! Talking again! Thats Great!

    I caught up wit Raj this week, and he told me about meeting up with you on Saturday. Sounds like the chest infection knocked you back a bit, but try to stay as positive as you were before.

    I saw Ian Dear today, he had some final year projects with him. I’m sure I am not meant to have done, but I saw your name on the front of one of them. Wow! It was huge! Incase you didn’t know, he was my supervisor too. Mine was in the pile as well, but it looked tiny compared with yours. I guess thats something for you to brag about!

    Keep up the recovery mate, we are all thinking and talking about you. Your positive attitude has provided us with inspiration recently. Don’t let that stop.

    All the best

    Steve Brownett

  2. Sweet! This is great news Tom; hoping you make good progress with the “weaning” as well. Hey, – this is just a random wacky idea but – when you get well enough you could upload a podcast; that would be well cool.

    Keep it up mate,


  3. Tom, that is absolutely fantastic i’m so pleased for you, I hope this makes some of the set backs with your infection seem better & I hope you stay as positive as you sound. I know you are getting so many positive vibes expressed through this website but there are so many more people sending them out there for you in the form of thoughts and prayers, phil, my parents (who u may or may not remember!) ellens friends, are just some of the people asking after you and sending their support. I have to agree with everyone on here who has mentioned your inspiring attitude, it is just that. Keep it up hun, all the best,
    lots of love Lilly xx

  4. hey dude, fair play to hear about the progress! i’m well pleased for you! things are really busy here, making puppets again! my group is doing a 15 foot one this year! woah! and it transforms into a dinosaur! double woah!!! i’ve also syupidly taken some work from pamela howard, a theatre designer, and i have had absolotely no time to do it really. i’m a dumbass, i can’t say no tho! something you might be interested to hear about…me and oli (townsend) are thinking about a short piece for the 3rd year, where we build some massive robot puppetes from burnt out cars and rusty metal, and do a huge long mexican stand-off and set them on fire and make them fight, all to a backing track of a beastie boys/prodigy mash up!!!!! WOAH!!!! will keep you posted! Els told me i made you jealous about Paleo, sorry dude, i didn’t mean to…i’m gutted you’re not gonna be there! i’m the only one going this year who went last year! weird!
    anyway, keep getting better man, i’d love to come and visit when i can, and when you want people there! big love Tom x

  5. I’ve never met you, Tom, but Ollie lived with us for a while when we lived in
    Leamington and I am a friend of Susie’s. There’s a group of us in Bristol reading
    your blog, admiring yours and Ellen’s strength and spirit, and willing your recovery.
    So glad you can talk a bit again. Great good luck with the ‘weaning’.
    Love Kate, Felix, Bea, Javid, Keith and Dog xxxxxx

  6. That’s great news, Tom! communicating is such a basic thing, I hope that the improvements double up now that you’ve regained your voice.
    Had dinner with Jessica, Tanya, John and the boys, and Zoe and Mike this weekend and we drank to your speedy recovery.
    Love from Lewes

  7. We shot balloons together in East Allington, Tom. Must do it again some time; my kids send their best, and so do I,especially for the weaning and speaking. May it be the next of many earth shattering improvements. Best to you and Ellen,

    Nick Bradshaw.

  8. Tom,
    This such wonderful news! So glad you were able to talk to David over the phone. Best of luck with the ventilator ‘weaning’ – we are all so proud of your strength and positive attitude. Love from the Whitakers

  9. Hey Tom
    this is Holly, (Ollie’s friend from from St Clare’s). I’ve been reading the blog but i had some trouble setting up an account. anyway it’s working fine now. Not being able to talk sounds very annoying, it’s great that you can start now. It sounds like you have good people around all the time, that must make things easier too. From your message a few days ago it sounds like you have a lot of time to think to yourself, it must be strange to put things on hold like that, there’s not usually much time at all for reflection. Anyway, i’m in oxford till the Summer holiday, then next October coming back for my final year and renting a house in Jericho, quite near you in Juxon St so i hope you’ll be round. Love from Holly.


    if you have not come across this phenomenon before. claims to be recorded in Abbey road.

    Tom. I have been away from a computer screen for 10 days, but great to catch up with your news and states of mind.

    To read your own words gives us out here a lot of pleasure.


  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!.. Such great news to hear you are able to speak now….the first step to gaining back your independance… you must be so chuffed….I really hope the ‘weaning’ process now continues smoothly and with minimal set backs… YOu are such a strong spirit Tom …. You should feel so proud of what you have acheived so far…We are!!
    I am very excited as i am going to see Roger Waters perform The Floyd’s ‘A dark side of the Moon’ this Saturday…. What a great album and fantastic music…..Dont know if its your taste Tom but you should listen to it… chilled but crazy in parts!!…. I will think of you when i am there…!!

    Keep up the fighting spirit….YOu are often in my thoughts…..

    Nicole xx

  12. Hello Tom and Ellen

    Alison again here from Oz. Just wanted to join what seems like hundreds of friends out their cheering on your progress. What fantastic news – well done. Keep it up. Love to you both. Alison

  13. hey Tom!
    Thats amazing news!!!!
    So great to hear that your making so much progress.
    Its hot today here in Bulgaria and im supposed to be finishing a painting of a stuffed chicken and a cows skull. O god.
    Only 2 weeks and a little bit left now… so im looking forward to visiting you and Els very soon. The Do love it girls have flown the nest of studenskigrad, so its a bit quiter here…. but still as random as ever.
    Keep up all the positive thoughts.
    I’m thinking of you every day.
    Lots of love

  14. Dear Tom,
    Just to add my voice to those who are so very glad that at last you can start using yours once more, though at first it will be a challenge to talk to the rhythm of the ventilator. With your musical nature, you will quickly get that sorted! You have already shown how much can be communicated in ways which do not involve sound. Now your voice will be key to your physical independence in the coming period so this is a very exciting time for everyone wishing you well
    with love, Barbara, Kaveri and Elinor.

  15. hey tom, darelle here. am back from the land of the bulg now… it’s so wierd not having cockroaches (the size of cats… according to blod), and also very strange not having a corridor full of girlies to mess about with. am so pleased to hear you have your voice back, ellen sounded so happy. Us english girls (haha) are meeting ellen for lunch tomorrow… am very excited to see her and to hear all about you. since ive been back i’ve been catching up on all my programmes haha… im a geek. am watching the OC right now… i proper love it…. oh yes. Keep up with all the good progress tom, ciao for now x x x

  16. excellent news tom! keep it up, you’re making really good progress.
    tomorrow is the big clear up of that big foamboard truck i showed you &ellen.. fingers crossed no thieving rudeboys have been in there to steal foamboard to sell to the black market. els – if all goes well i should have a boot full of foamboard off cuts for you!
    bonjour x

  17. hey Tom, I’ve been up at uni in Nottingham and just heard about this website, I’ve been reading through your blogs and I’ve got to say I’m mega impressed by you revising for exams……… you clearly have more dedication to academia than me and what I suspect my ‘monkey brain’. It sounds like your dealing with this better than I imagine the majority of people would. Anyway I hope you continue to make progress with this mate.
    All the best,

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