May 4th Message from Tom

I am feeling better now that my body (and the physiotherapists) have chased away the infection in my lungs. Polly and Susie have been a real strength to me as this was happening. Jeff, the respiratory person, is restarting the process of weaning me from the ventilator again: they had to stop it last time because of the infection. I am keeping my fingers (virtually) crossed that it works this time.

David arrived last night from Geneva: he had come in that morning from New York. He joined me and Els and we got the TV working (a bit). We spoke a lot: he brought me news of Josie, Luc, Gillian and Spring in Manhattan.

I have been finding music the most effective form of escapism. During the last few days I listened to a lot of music using the iPod that Lucas and Josie gave me (chill out stuff..variable quality), and the iPod that Tony (Ellen’s uncle) lent me with the brilliant playlist that Chris (Tony’s son) created.

I have been thinking about my favourtie bands and from my limited musical experience the list so far is REM, Pearl Jam, Beatles, Dylan, Counting Crows. Other good bands include Velvet Underground (thanks cousin Joe), Joy Division and Coldplay (whose music is so peaceful). Some of the songs I have enjoyed recently are True Colours by Phil Collins, Meet Virginia by Train All You Need is Love by the Beatles, and Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. I suggest that if you have any spare time and the inclination you should give them a listen. Many generous people have sent me music. it is all much appreciated. Thank you very much.

12 thoughts on “May 4th Message from Tom”

  1. sooooo………… need for me to start with “what ya been doin?”
    You look older in the horizontal pictures – is that newfound maturity?
    or just the facial hair difference????
    You see, I just wrote this so you would have to explain my seemingly bad taste in humor as being normal, nothing special for your temporary circumstances.
    Optimism and sarcasm have to go hand in hand, right?
    And hey – how bout some audio books?? Maybe some Terry Pratchett to keep you firmly grounded in the absurd similar to reality?
    Or I could include you on my Longhorn learn along ???????? because you’re probably not really bored enough yet :>}
    Keep the faith! Colleen

  2. Glad you are feeling better now the infection has gone,
    You have very similar musical tastes to me! 🙂 I have just discovered a very ammusing collection of Dr Seuss stories (the cat in the hat, green eggs and ham etc) which are sung by Bob Dylan, you could give those a listen! (you get a story and a song in one). Oh and I reccommend the song Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World, its gentle and beautiful.
    Also I remembered something else from when we were kids in Nairobi. One of us girls (either me, my sister Tilly, or Polly) trod on a huge rusty nail in a floorboard, my memory is awful which is why I have no idea who it was! Your mum would probably remember. Its funny how childhood memories are so cloudy, sometimes to the point of feeling impersonal.
    Hope things continue to look up over the next few days. 🙂

  3. OOOOOO it`s so nice to hire good news about you Tom.
    Every day I read what`s new.It`s firs thing what I do in the morning.
    Very good that you listen music.
    Music some time is the best friend.Belive me because I`m a musician.
    You are very strong spirit. Keep the faith.
    I`m keeping mine, YOU WILL BE O.K.
    Sasha from Sofia

  4. Tom – all the best from Geneva-France as a chilly May sets in. Thinking of you, and all the family. If you can use talking books of the taped (audio tape) sort, and someone has a moment to email, please just send a message saying ‘yes’.
    Lots of love, Sue & Alan

  5. Glad to hear you laid the smackdown on the infection Tom. My mate Jabz is always saying how Phil Collins is da man so I might just have to give True Colors a listen or two. Keep it going man, stay positive; its great to hear from you.


  6. Hey my lovely, sorry its taken me so long to leave a message but everytime i came on to the website i couldnt see how you did it. I blame this on my crapness with computers which we both know is true (this is infact my second attempt at writing this message after i some how manage to delete the first one and end up on a totally different website how is that possible?). Anyway enough about my useless technology skills. I am very glad to hear that you have foughtoff the infection,very good news indeed.
    Els has been keeping us all informed of your progress.
    It was very lovely to see her this week. I am so very glad college have been so supportive and this has enabled her to spend her time with you, Mr Crowley good egg really, even gave her a hug (think perhaps molly was a little jealous hehe! how i do love to wind her up its so much fun!)
    Its pretty much the same old stuff here. The evil puppets are beginning to return, staying as far away from that one as possible! there is already a strange display of bags filled with water outside not really sure what that is about think it has something to do with ollie though.
    We all miss you and Els very much and I know that everyone here wishes you all the very best. I even miss you taking the piss out of me, you do realise you are one of the very few people to get away with that!
    Sending you lots of love, hugs and kisses
    lots of of love Hazel xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. hey its hannah (lau’s cousin) – keep up the good work in getting better, i’ve been watching the site daily. cardiff misses you!

  8. Hi Tom, I am very sorry to hear of your accident but I can see from the comments you are making steady progress, so a big well done and keep up the good work!!!
    I am sure your determination and drive to succeed in life will stand you in good stead for the challenges you will undoubtedly face on your road to recovery. I will check in again and look forward to reading more positive comments from your loving family and friends.
    My thoughts are with you
    Paul Hayward

  9. tom tom tom finally i get myself registered and get my head round this comment posting business… the interface doesn’t come easily to my nomyspace nofacebook technologically-backward status. i heard about the accident soon after it happened while i was away from manchester, in brighton. it was odd: i got the phone call from mum when i was in a pub catching up with two friends of mine talking to them about levanto because they are going on holiday to the cinqueterre… i was nostalgically recalling the photo of you and me in the flat there aged about 3, me holding one of dad’s freud books – totally upside down – and apparently reading it to you. comical. hmmm does that ring any bells?! anyway it was weird because levanto isn’t somewhere i talk about that often and then there i was talking about it and the phone rang… i can’t help but read into that kind of thing. read what? i’m not sure exactly but read all the same…

    dad sent me the link to the blog soon after – what a great idea – so i was able to check the site from my hostel in berlin where i was for the following week. i’m really glad to see you sounding positive about the progress you’re making. it must all feel so hard at times.

    thank god for music!

    i just wanted to let you know i’ve been thinking about you, and kept updtaed via this *ace* website. with all my love, anna xx xx xx xx

  10. Hey Tom, it’s (Louise’s) Andrew. How’s it going? Been meaning to write for too long, not really knowing what to say (how was the snow etc…?) but I read your last blog so I guess I’ll just send music and film instead. Spending most of my time in the library at the moment, dreaming and looking out at the sunshine (in between panic attacks and falling asleep on the desk) but I’ve finished my coursework and found a job so life is peachy (especially when I’m not cleaning newsprint of my face). Mostly I just wanted to say I’ve been thinking of you and that its good you’re making progress, even the slow and frustrating sort. Also to apologise in advance because now having found your site I can subject to my befuddled, procrastination-bourn ramblings whenever revision gets too much (evil laugh…)

    Enjoyed going through your photos (especially you launching that kid in the lake {brother?} and the many of you flexing your pecs in the sun. Also good to see I got a look-in, hanging drunkenly off your shoulder, sure I don’t remember that…). Much more of that sort of thing and festivals and frolicks and wotnot when you’re better. Not sure I can post stuff straight to the hospital but I guess I will anyway.

    Give my love to Ellen. Much to you too. Andrew

  11. Hello Tom,
    Sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner, but that’s not to say that I haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on. Needless to say those of us down in London are thinking of you – it’s been a very long time since we last talked, probably grandma’s 80th.

    I’m glad that your remaining upbeat about things but my trained medical eye has allowed me to spot something particularly concerning in your last post and I’ve been trying to work out the best way to alert someone to this problem. It seems that the accident has badly damaged your sense of taste – I’m not sure what else could possibly account for the fact that you have started listening to Phil Collins. I’m told that the Germans are doing pioneering work to grow ‘taste’ on the backs of rats so hopefully we’ll be able to help you out – although if the early work is from german subjects you’ll be listening to dire 80’s-esque thrash metal which could only be worse.

    I hope you make better progress getting off the vent this time round, I have to admit that I’ve a somewhat morbid curiosity into what settings they have you on, ventilation type, i time, pressures etc. I work on a neonatal intensive care unit and have never ventilated anything bigger than a few kilos so not too sure what changes are required for big people.

    Do you have an iTunes account to go along with your numerous iPods, perhaps I could send you some music that might speed your recovery, before you deteriorate further and start listening to genesis and Mariah Carey. Please give my love to the rest of your family. All the best. James

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