April 27 to 30

Friday April 27th In St Andrew’s Ward at the National Spinal Injuries Centre. Watching a video, doing computer stuff with Ellen , coping with itchy face and keeping going well.
Saturday April 28th Raj and Wayne from Brunel visited and worked with Ellen and Tom on IT practicalities. Tom says that they were great lip readers: this meant that there was much conversation, many smiles and a lot of laughter. Ideas abounded and some plans were laid. Polly and Susie visited in the evening: Tom was tired but delighted to see them. He seems to be getting on top of this latest chest infection (though such challenges will recur again and again, especially in this early stage). Josie and Lucas called from New York.
Sunday April 29th Susie and Polly were with Tom this morning. He had a good night. He would like there to be aeriel connection in his room so that he can watch broadcast TV (a very good sign). His notice board is filling up with cards and pictures. He was delighted when Ellen joined them during the day.
Monday April 30thTom had a good day with Ellen in the morning and with Susie later.
Thank you all Tom, Ellen and family are very grateful to the nursing staff who are constantly active and attentive, the ever-present and energetic physio team, the occupational therapists, Jeff the respiratory technician (in charge of the “weaning”), the physicians with their different responsibilities, and all the other technicians and assistants on who we all depend for his continuing recovery. We thank those who check in to this site and write comments for their consistent warmth and backup. This is reflected in very practical ways too. Members of the family have been helped enormously by transfusions this week, so several friends have responded by giving blood themselves.

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  1. hi tom,
    glad to hear you are remotely operating your computer, i guess all your tecno-minded mates are racking their big brains on how to equip you with what you need, but let us know if there’s anything.. we’ll bring a big box of dvd’s when we see you, or send it by Oll courier service.
    keep up the good work with your physio, it’s so great to be able to read about your progress!

  2. Hey Tom,

    Doing anything via wireless technology is uber cool in my book. Anyway, it sounds like you’re getting better each day; good stuff man. I’ve passed on a little something to Raj and it should be in your possession very soon. hope you like it 😉


  3. safe tom,
    ive just been thinking about the fun times we had in italy, like when i slept in my sick on the floor, hahaha, jokes, you guys made song didnt you. i saw your eye computer, if thats what it is, you look like your from star trek. it sounds like your rinsin recovery, keep it up.
    much respect,

  4. Hey Tom,

    Only recently learned of your accident, sorry for not posting sooner. Reading all your progress so far, and how your still finding ways to do the things you enjoy really is inspiring to me, and has made me put even greater effort into achieving my own goals. Hurry up and get well soon, I am holding you to that trip to the climbing wall you said we were gonna do at some point, haven’t quite managed to blag my way past the reception yet :P.

    Wishing you the most expedient recovery.


  5. Hiya Tom
    I know Ellen isn’t with you tonight so it’s going to be a bit tough to say the least making yourself understood without your interpreter! You are so amazing I am sure you will sort it. I can’t believe how brilliantly you have dealt with all the stuff,well done you. You are very inspiring. Thanks for looking after Ellen, I know she is desperate to get back to you asap.
    Lots of love and zapping stuff coming through the ether, Mandy
    ps this has been quite epic managing to get through this blogging thing or is that the wrong term. Welll done to your Dad but no doubt you taught him how to do it!!!! XX

  6. Hi Tom. Im off to the states tomorrow (for a year) and just wanted to drop you a line before I went. Just to let you know that I have been thinking of you lots, I had a farewell dinner with the Cherwell lot last night and we raised a glass to you. We’re all rooting for you and keeping a close eye on your progress via this site!

    Ill be in touch. Take care Tom.
    Lots of love,
    Lizzie X

    PS: Like the new hair do!

  7. Hi Tom,
    I keep willing you to beat the odds for whatever each day brings in terms of a new challenge. This healing business sounds like it needs a lot of time, energy and love not to mention riding a roller coaster of ups and downs. I’ve been reading the web page and following your progress. All very tough, but what courage. Finals via voice/computer writing (or however you tecchies plan to do this) sounds unbelievable. Personally, I’m more at ease playing the violin than dealing with this computer/blog/chat room mularkey (and you know how bad the violin playing is). I’m totally in awe at your abilities with the computer stuff. Keep going.
    Lots of love from Fiona (2nd violin in your Mum’s Sunday quintet what blasted your ears quite horribly from time to time over the years).

  8. Hi Tom and Ellen! I`m sasha from Sofia.Im happy that I can get information from firs hand about you.Your website is wonderful, now i know much more about you and your family.I saw the photos of you and youre family also the photo from restaurant when you arived in Sofia.It was first and last time when we met each other but you stay in our heart to the end of our life.We are in faith you`ll be bether soon.
    We think about you both every day.God bless you

  9. Tom

    Good to see some new photes and some with you all plugged up but smiling, and sounds like you are still in there fighting.
    Hope you clear the cloggy chest, also really good to hear Polly is back at home.

    Good luck revising, Oli and Arun are struggling through their revision too, and last night the cricket world cup.!!

    all the best to you Ellen and family
    Samir, Oli Arun Bob and Siobhan

  10. Hi Tom, Family, Ellen, I am writing this as the sun comes out on sunday. I hope it is shining through a window near you (and that what it lights up is glorious!). Yesterday it was too good to be true! We (Elinor and I) went to a reunion in London and picked up Kaveri who has just had her bike nicked for the 5th time in about a year. Someone had cut right through a very strong lock. She thinks they are eternally re-cycled and is off soon to replace hers by a ‘cheap one’ in East London..It was a lovely party with small kids running all over the place and playing with the outside tap…and an older lad – 9 – who solemnly introduced me to the frogs in the pond – including one that was decidedly groggy but not yet quite belly up – it is too late in spring for it to be incubating frogspawn. Biking down the Banbury Road to the sunday morning concert I love to listen to was another thing entirely today as it was grim, grey and cloudy. Where did yesterday go? The rest of my day has been spent doing ‘copy-editor’s queries’ which is when you realise all the mistakes you made when trying to write a book! No peace for the wicked. I am having a tea break and as usual at this time of day log on to see how you all are and what your day or yesterday was like. You are one helluva great family. We send love to all and special respect to Tom. I know that photo of you and Ellen has already gone round the world and is picking up love, admiration and positive thoughts everywhere – Barbara

  11. Dear Tom,

    I’m Mary Lyn and live in the Geneva area. We briefly met several years ago when you and your friends were camping in David and Gillian’s backyard while attending Paleo. I am also the crazy runner who ran the 2004 Lausanne Marathon with Gillian. I so admire your courage, strength, and positive outlook. Patrick and our daughters, Olivia and Emily (a friend of Josie’s from her days at Chataigneraie) send you all our love and best wishes. The pictures of you with your family and Ellen are just great. – Mary Lyn

  12. Dear Tom,
    Having just recuperated myself from a terrible bout of morning sickness, I write to you in order to wish you much much love. You were in a dream of mine yesterday, we were in an elevator which had a lock on it and there were like a thousand keys and we couldnt find the right one! as to the interpretation god knows, but it was so nice to see your face. Actually the photos that Ells has selected for the website are very favourable particularly the one showing those lovely biceps of yours. Anyways enough of the random jibber jabber, Like weeze im sending as much positive energy to you as poss. I Think about you most days and wish you so much luck for the fight ahead. Your a real tropper and I know you will be fine. I hope your behaving yourself and not giving the nurses too much trouble. If anyone gives you any trouble let me know where they live and I and my crew of thugs will sort them out quick sharp.
    Muchisimo amor tomas. Suerte Y un besote

  13. Dear Tom, I want to wish you all the best with your recovery, it has been a few years since I saw you last but I was naturally shocked to hear the news and very pleased to see this site setup as a point of contact for your many friends and relatives. My thoughts go out to Tom and all the Nabarros, if there is anything I can do to help at any stage during the recovery please don’t hesitate to ask. MB

  14. Hi Tom, just wanted to check in with you and let you know I haven’t stop thinking about you. I check this site for your progress pretty much every day but usually can’t think of anything to put in a comment. Anyways, just wanted to wish u well.

  15. Dear Tom
    It has taken some of us oldies a while to work out the wonderful new world of blog comments (if that is what this is called…). But, as you will know, many of us in Geneva have been checking frequently to see how things are going, and so very happy to see that, despite the odd set back (cloggy chest as Bob and co. so elegantly put it) that things are progressing, even if it must seem slow at times. As many have said, it is inspiring to see your strength and courage, and the love of your family and friends shines through every word.
    I think you remember Didi? She knows your news, just before she left for her holiday to Nepal, so there will be plenty of prayers going on for you too in Kathmandu.
    Love also to Polly (did you ever hook up with Beatrice in Rome?), good to hear that you’re getting better too. And, of course to all the family, and Ellen xx

  16. think I just lost my message so will try again. just want to send you love from us again in liverpool and glad to see you are making such brilliant progress. keep up the energy and enthusiasm and dont let the hard days get you down too much. I guess it will fluctuate and there will be difficult times – now and ahead – but your determination is inspiring – and it is great to read about your life through this website. we send love to Polly too and glad that she seems to be ok. love too to ollie, Suzie and David! – and the rest of your family even though we have never met them. why have you an itchy face and has that passed now or is it ongonig? and why transfusions? any more needed – I’m sure we – and others – could help. max has his GCSEs starting this week and anya is doing her AS exams. Leo is only 10 so luckily free from all that so far. the only music i could send – and on CDs only – would be klezmer – is that of any interest? let me know!
    much love Tom from Julia michael anya max and leo xxxxxxxxxx

  17. Hi Tom
    Up here in Manchester…..Heard the news on Sunday and have been thinking about you a great deal and wondering how you are. Polly told me about the website tonight. Its great to be able to find out how you are getting on and to catch up. Amazing the technology etc and enjoyed the photos. What amazing progress you are making! Keep going with all that energy and determination.

  18. Keep up the good work Tom. You sound as if you are managing to do all sorts of things with all your techno friends. I am seriously impressed and inspired! Hope you are more comfortable soon. Love to any family who are there with you. All love and get well thoughts, Zanna

  19. Dear Tom,

    You don’t know me–I am a friend and former roommate of Gillian’s. She called me after your accident and I have been on your blog daily since then, following your amazing progress. I just want you to know that my yoga students and I dedicated our class to you last Thursday night and they found you to be a true inspiration (I tried to write then but couldn’t figure out how to log onto this damn website!). You also inspired me to donate blood today and I am walking around sporting a nice pink bandage. I know you are studying for your exams, but when you have some down time, ask Ellen to get you a book entitled “When Things Fall Apart,” by Pema Chodron. I think you might find some inspiration within its pages. I’ll sign off for now, but please know that I think of you every day, and wish you continued fortitude, inner strength, progress, and peace. And a big hug to Ellen. She seems like a truly amazing person.

    All best,
    Danielle Polen

  20. My dearest Tom
    My visit today with you and Ellen is still racketting around in my head, filling it with images and hope and admiration. Your beautiful smile, your drive to connect, to communicate, the determination you show to live and grow through this incredible experience – these all fill me with respect and awe at the strength you are showing. What an inspiration you are! Keep your eye on the prize, young man, and grow stronger every day.
    The line from Shakespeare we were discussing and I was so barbarously butchering was not from Julius Caesar; it was, of course Hamlet (at the end of Act 1) saying to Horatio “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy….”
    When I got back to St. Margaret’s Rd. I squirreled through the first copy of Hamlet I could find, because it had dawned on me as I drove that it probably wasn’t in Julius C – and of course the copy I found was one with my name on the fly leaf – I guess I didn’t pay nearly enough attention to my schoolbooks when I should have!
    Michael was delighted to hear how positive I had thought you, and wondered whether you have yet begun to learn to work your computer for yourself – though you and I didn’t talk about that, Ellen had let me know it was an area Raj and the Brunel buddies are working on for you. He was much comforted by that info as he imagines it will be very liberating for you. He sends you all his love.
    So do I.
    Nunkie Flix
    P.S. Kisses to Ellen – she’s pretty special, you lucky lad.

  21. hey tom.
    Its good to hear about your recovery, I wish you all the best and that your progress continues. Anyway, respect and my best wishes from Canada. Oli

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