April 26 Progress

Tom was much better when David saw him early this morning. He slept well and was rested. Ellen was with him for most of the day: she helped him revise and, as the day wore on, helped cool him as the fever restarted. He stayed in a great mood throughout the day and then slept quite early. David has returned to New York.

7 thoughts on “April 26 Progress”

  1. Hang in there Tom, every day I think of you battling on. It would be all to easy for a normal person to lie there feeling sorry for themselves but I know that you are programmed differently to normal people and I draw comfort from that. Your strength and determination is a credit to the human race – as is the level of love care and attention coming from Ellen and family.
    I know that you won’t let any setbacks stand in your way – keep fighting and stay positive. You can do it mate – I have every confidence in you. Debbs sends her love and healing vibes.
    P.s. Nice hair cut mate 🙂

  2. Hey Tom, after hearing about your accident its great to hear and see how well you are doing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you

  3. Dear Tom,
    This is a message from Alan and myself – Amy will write separately, Jack’s in China (sports journalist – there for mega meeting re Olympics next year) and sends all good wishes.
    What’s reallly worrying us is the mountain that did this to you – was it one of ours? I’m looking out over the Alps now from my office window wondering which one.
    Can we ever make amends?
    Back to you – it’s fantastically encouraging to read the progress reports not just about your physical condition but also to hear what everyone’s saying about your spirit – your positiveness and courage.
    We hope you’ll hang on to them through the ups and downs – what a good thing you’re not normal people (see above).

    Lots of love from us all,

  4. Hi Tom,

    Just want to let you know that I’ve been thinking of you and your family lots over the past few weeks. Also, I’ve been keeping up with the website (and my father’s emails), and it’s reassuring to hear about all your progress. The hard work and courage you’ve put into this situation is amazing.

    Please could someone let me know if there’s anything at all I could do to help. Perhaps I could recommend & send you some audiobooks, if you’re interested?

    My love and thoughts are with you always. Ellen, if you’re reading this — you are also amazing.

    I want to get to England soon and see you all. Love,

  5. Hi Tom, It has taken me a few days to get the hang of this site so many apologies for not posting good wishes earlier!
    I don’t know if you remember me from your childhood days? I was married to Simon, your godfather! I am now here in the Isles of Scilly sending you as many healing good wishes as possible. You have been hugely in my thoughts and prayers since I heard about the accident.
    It is great to be able to keep up with your progress on the site, and to hear how fantastically brave and strong you are being. May your young, strong body kick into action and help you recover. With very much love, Zanna

  6. Easy Tom,

    It’s great to know how well you are recovering and dealing with everything. My thoughts are with you and the family.

    Best wishes,


  7. Dear Tom

    It has taken me until now,with many attempts, to work out how to send a message!!!!!But it looks as if I have had sucess at last. I have been keeping up to date with your amazing progress and bravery. Just wanted to let you know how much you have been in our thoughts and sending you lots of love and strong wishes for your recovery.


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