I just posted some pictures we took tonight while Tom and David were discussing what he might say on the blog. 

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  1. Tom, Alison will fly to New York tomorrow and see David and Gillian and I hope to come and spend time with you soon. Sending you lots of positive energy, Tom

  2. Darlingest Tomaso and Ells,

    Sorry for the lack of messages… as you know, I always put the most important things off ’til last, and you are both most definitely the importantest of things :). I have been thinking of you masses and sending love and healing power over the ether. Have you been receiving my positive vibes? If not, let me know; I might have the wrong address.

    Sorry to hear things weren’t so hot today, but it’s really great news that they’ve got to the bottom of the problem. Hope you feel top tomorrow so you can get back to the way forward.

    Daddy says sorry he hasn’t mastered this yet but sends loads of love. He’s looking forward to seeing you tomorrow… I wish I was coming to see you too, but as I’m not I’m sending masses of love to you both with him… Make sure he doesn’t forget to pass it on 😉

    Love you both so so much. I’m so happy you have each other; you’re bloody brilliant and have really truly inspired me. Tomaso, You probably don’t want me to talk about food etc. but just so you know, I’m savouring every morsel and every drop of liquid. Thank you for making me appreciate everything so much. I can’t wait until you can enjoy it too, my lovely one.

    Masses of love to you both,
    Weeze (aka Lousie. haha.)

    P.s. Loving the hair mate 😀

  3. Tom,

    Good to see you. I’ve got two exams next week, but after that I’m coming up to see you properly… and shave the beard off. Stop trying to look so cool!

    I need some advice, and, despite the accident… I think you’re the man for the role. My friend wants to go the Snowdome in B’ham tomorrow for her birthday, and I’ve never Snowboarded before… any tips?

    In all seriousness… you’re doing a great job lying there – I’m sure it is harder than it looks (though I liked that Blue Cyclops Visor you had).

    PS – if you don’t learn to talk by the time I visit… I’m going to read The Dictionary to you.

    PPS – I’ve been using your campus floor to sleep on… and your meal tickets…

  4. Hi Tom,
    i’m Luca from Levanto; do you remanber me?
    Fred forward me this website and so i wanted to send you my love
    and wishes for a quick and great recovery.
    I’m sure you are going through a big challenge, but being a great champion,
    as you are, you will overcome this moment too.
    Next time i’ ll have a concert, i’ll dedicate a song for you!!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and read about your daily improvements on the website!!!
    Take care!!

  5. Mr Tomasss
    this is kay, i was quite shocked and saddened when i heard what happened. On the other hand, i suppose we can only be grateful because u are alive and gonna make a full recovery. Raj has been updating me about ur condition, and i understand i might have to wait a while before i can visit you, howoever, my thoughts and wishes are with u and ur family, and i hope u make a speedy recovery. i cannot express my concern in words, but i know ur gonna be ok because thats what Tom does best.
    We need to go kick those boys ass again (Bobby n the rest)

    And dnt let raj near ur girl again, i’ll keep a eye on him.

  6. hi tom ,I was really shoked and sadwhen I heard about ur accident but thanks god u that u r alive and hopefully u will get well and come back soon to uni and finish ur degree I wish u all the best and quick recovery
    Mustapha Ra moul

  7. Hey Tom,
    just took the slide show tour of your recent pics on Flickr, the picture of you and Ellen is just so wonderful, says it all, did you know it has been viewed 132 times that’s more than Britney Squeers for heaven’s sake, it can’t just be the leadingedge hair fashion statement…
    keep up the good work with the physio and so on, looking forward to hearing about your progress. we are working hard on our artweeks extravaganza, you will be the first to see the finished pieces, when do the authorities think you’ll be allowed visitors?
    lots of love

  8. Hey Tom,

    It’s been quite some time since my last comment. I hope that all is well with the recovery process. I pray to God to give you the strength and courage to handle this whole phase pretty well.

    As I read in one of the recent updates, sometimes things can go well but other times things can just slip back. But rest assure at the end of the day, it’s all going to work out fine.

    Knowing you my man, you’re an all-round top bloke with a resilient character. My blessings go out to you and your family and freinds. Take care and all the best. we’ll definitely keep in touch. yours truly.


  9. Hey Tom,

    Pols told me what happened last week, and I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you and wish you a speedy recovery. You’re such a good guy, and I believe you have the strength to get through this. Sending you lots of love from Norway, Anne.

  10. Hey Tom,

    In Peru at the moment, getting ready to face the inca trail to Machu Picchu.

    Just to let you know that i´m thinking of you.

    Take care, Liv x

  11. Hey Tom and Ellen,

    Sorry for the delay, I’ve finally figured out how to send you a message. Modern technology eh! That was a beautiful photo of the both of you, you’re new haircut’s very handsome Tom. So glad to hear you are doing better every day. Keep fighting Tom, you can do it. Cardiff’s not the same without your visits. We miss you. Thinking about you all the time. Take care. Love Sarah and Clive x x x

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