April 25 Progress

Ellen has been with Tom all day: Susie joined for the afternoon and David came in the evening on his return from Geneva. Tom says “Today has not been such a good day. The doctors told me that they think my fever is caused by infection in my chest. A chest x-ray showed that my left lung is a bit clogged up. My blood tests showed that I was anaemic. That explains why I have been feeling so tired. So they increased the pressure in my ventilator, started me on antibiotics and gave me a blood transfusion. I am starting to feel a bit better. The doctors explained that recovery will not be linear: that I will have periods when things go well, and moments when they seem to slip back again. I am still planning to come off the ventilator, and to start speaking, as soon as I can. I have put up some new photos. Thanks for your great messages of support which are really inspiring.”

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  1. Dear Ellen and Tom,
    Ellen, I would be grateful if you gave Tom some of tonight’s news (I am assuming – perhaps wrongly – that Tom doesn’t read these posts directly from his amazing specs – is that a computer you are wearing on your head, Tom?) :
    The person who has the world record for ‘pulling a bus’ has just established a second world record for ‘pulling a plane by his ears’.
    Hoping that Tom has enough of an even temperature for him to be comfortable tonight, spinach-equivalent for his iron and that his lung starts draining itself nicely.
    We – Kaveri, Elinor and I – are beaming positive thoughts to Tom and to the whole family. with love, Barbara

  2. Darlingest Tomaso and Ells,

    Sorry for the lack of messages… as you know, I always put the most important things off ’til last, and you are both most definitely the importantest of things :). I have been thinking of you masses and sending love and healing power over the ether. Have you been receiving my positive vibes? If not, let me know; I might have the wrong address.

    Sorry to hear things weren’t so hot today, but it’s really great news that they’ve got to the bottom of the problem. Hope you feel top tomorrow so you can get back to the way forward.

    Daddy says sorry he hasn’t mastered this yet but sends loads of love. He’s looking forward to seeing you tomorrow… I wish I was coming to see you too, but as I’m not I’m sending masses of love to you both with him… Make sure he doesn’t forget to pass it on 😉

    Love you both so so much. I’m so happy you have each other; you’re bloody brilliant and have really truly inspired me. Tomaso, You probably don’t want me to talk about food etc. but just so you know, I’m savouring every morsel and every drop of liquid. Thank you for making me appreciate everything so much. I can’t wait until you can enjoy it too, my lovely one.

    Masses of love to you both,
    Weeze (aka Lousie. Haha.) xxx

    P.s. Loving the hair mate 😀

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