April 23 Progress

Tom continues to make progress though is frustrated that it is not happening more quickly. He would like to be able to speak, to sit up, to breathe independently and to eat (and lots more). But bones and tissues need time to heal, and it will take weeks, perhaps, for him to get used to breathing just with his diaphragm. Ellen has been with him for much of the day. Susie spent time with Tom and Ellen this afternoon. And more love and support comes in at all times. Balloons came from his tutors in ECE at Brunel University, cards from well-wishers and lots of great messages on this site (which we read to him – he smiles broadly at your memories, suggestions and ideas for what to when he gets better). He finds the temperature changes that come with this kind of injury (making him feel – alternately – very hot and very cold) hard to cope with.

Polly was discharged from hospital today: Susie took her home to her father Michael’s house in Standlake. She is doing well. Michael himself has not been well recently and was admitted to the JR hospital late this evening.

6 thoughts on “April 23 Progress”

  1. Hi Tom,
    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I don’t know you personally but I recognised your name as I work on the switchboard at Intel. When I saw your website and saw the photo of you and Raj I recognised you from seeing you around the Intel site in Swindon. I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are also with your family at this difficult time. Look forward to reading the update on how you are improving.

  2. Hi there Tom,
    You don’t know me, but I work with your grandfather Michael in Standlake. Just wanted to let you know that my family’s thoughts and prayers are with you, wishing you a fast recovery. It sounds like you’ve made an amazing amount of progress already! This is a wonderful website (love the photos)~ and the amount of love surrounding you is quite extraordinary! All the best and really look forward to meeting you in the hopefully not too distant future.
    Warm wishes,
    Anne Avery

  3. Hi Tom,

    I doubt you recall me but i hope that a few words will help in a way. The strange thing was I was wondering what had happened to you since I had not seen you around Intel for some time, but i wasn’t expecting this news. My impression was
    when I first met you was “this guy makes things happen; rather than waiting for things to happen”.

    Godspeed for your recovery!

    a vida e uma continuacao


  4. Hello, It is Katy-used-to-be-Morris again!
    I just wanted to check in again and say that I have been thinking of you and your family constantly. A friend of mine has her prayer circle in America praying for you all. I wanted also to send my wishes to Ellen, my husband was in a motorbike accident over christmas and I know how awful it is to see your man suffering in hospital, and how important it is to have a good support network, as indeed you do have. I know that it is unlikely that there is anything we can do to help in a practical sense, but I am always available during school hours, if i can offer anyone a lift, or get hold of CDs, anything at all. Good to hear that Polly has been discharged,
    In our thoughts, with much love

  5. Hi Tom, Not sure if you’ll remember me. I worked just a few cubes down from you at Intel. Just wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear the news of your accident although I am also encouraged by the positive progress you have made. Pray may it continue. Katie x

  6. Tom
    We have not met but I used to work with your Dad and Gillian and heard about your accident through a mutual friend. Your Dad sent us to this site and over the past days we have been watching your progress. We are daily inspired by your courage and determination and the love and support that surrounds you. We are thinking of you, Ellen, your family and friends as you face this challenge and we send our very best wishes and postive thoughts as you continue on the path of recovery.
    Caroline, Simon, Grace and Sophie

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