April 21 Progress

Last night Ellen’s sister Louise visited with Ellen: Tom’s friends Laura, Raj, and Gary from Brunel University visited today. Tom was delighted to see them and they spoke about computers and much more. Some beautiful flowers arrived by interflora. We read messages together and looked at pictures. Tom is determined to revise for his finals listening to audiotapes but is also working hard at the breathing (today 8 minutes off the ventilator, but very tiring again).

Polly is recovering steadily.

15 thoughts on “April 21 Progress”

  1. Tom,

    Excellent idea to revise for your finals – if there are any books that you need to learn, I would be glad to read them out on tape for you. See you soon,


  2. Hey Tom,

    Raj told me what happpened…. oops! Only happens to the hardcore though mate, glad to hear you’re getting better, keep it up dude and get well soon!

    Best wishes hombre,


  3. Tom,
    Mate, my thoughts are with you and everyone close to you. This had best not put you off snowboarding, I hope!
    I know you can get through this, I saw the way you used to hurl yourself around the gym during 5-a-side!
    Best of luck bud.


  4. Hey Tom,
    Shocked when I heard about what happend, but relieved and glad to know you’re doing much better.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, I’m sure you have the strength to get through this.
    Get well soon!!


  5. Tom-you have constantly been in my thoughts, as have your family and of course my wonderful cousin. I was devastated to hear your news, but reading through this website tonight has just reaffirmed what a truly incredible person you are- and how loved you are too!! I am so pleased to read about your progress and I am overwhelmed by your strength and that of your loved ones around you.
    Emily, Matt, Dan and I were talking about you yesterday (you come up in both thought and conversation regularly) –remembering how you threw yourself wholeheartedly into Christmas with our family and if you managed to get through that we reckon you can get through just about anything!
    I have been frequently updated on your news, mainly from my aunt and now there is this wonderful website too! I’m going to stop rambling now, but needless to say I am sending you all the love in the world and I can’t wait to give you a big hug (maybe ellen can give you one for me for now :D)
    Big hugs Hun-i look forward to hearing/reading about your recovery… Joey xxxxx

  6. Tom, really shocked to hear your news, I hope you get better soon. I’ve read your site and it sounds like you are making a steady recovery. I remember Ellen and I cheering you and Chris on in the corporate games, you guys put on a good performance that day! Take care, I will be thinking of you and I’ll keep checking the site for updates.
    Hope you make a good recovery soon
    Best wishes

  7. hi guys. I think a puppet invasion is pending.
    Since you saw such a lot of it last year, I thought I’d fill you in n the puppetry score for this year!!! It’s going to be hellish methinks. (I have the first year blonde in my group Tom!Eye Eye, wink wink, hmm? nope; still can’t do the masculine thing that well can I?ah – I sleaze in my own way anyway!…..and we’ll say no more about that). I think firstly I should tell you that everybody is thinking about you a great deal and send their love. Perhaps in a few weeks if you so wished it; we could bring a couple of our creations down for your and, um, ‘play’ in the ward – make a bit of bunraku havoc for you, perhaps humiliate you a little bit, swagger about the place with puppets galore and then probably get asked to leave by either you or the authorities. Verity and I are working together which should be good – we both have pleasant groups. (And Els – Amy ROse is being a diamond this year, it’s so nice to have her back). Sean sends his regards too (Tom – just in case you’re not sure; he’s the one who looks like a humongous ‘Just William’ doll with rather large thumbs – evolved somehow for the intricasies of model making)….Anyway to return to the puppets, we have a giant angel covering the front wall of college (oh how I love the simple forty foot makes…), a builder that turns into a monkeyish thing (it is Max), a vegetable man with teretts (no idea how to spell that), and a lot of school girls (I need to go source that one), among other things. Oh and a life size freaking bus – that apparently I have to make if I can’t borrow – double decker of course and based on the numerous yellow school buses that drive round Cardiff (have you ever seen one??? – I certainly haven’t. What was she thinking?) . . . . I could vaffle on (like a german apparently – I thikn I mean ‘waffle on’)…. Anywhoooooo, stay strong Tom. I’ll send some more prattle soon. (This hangover is residing somewhere between my temples and I can’t get rid of it – I can’t recall much so I’m thinking perhaps I didn’t actually drink anything and maybe someone was just whacking me round t’head with a spade all night (the mouse?oh)- but that doesn’t explain why I taste like an old roadkill sample, or the freshly despoiled schoolgirls in my bed..hmmm….).. This is a bad email to be posting publicly isn’t it? Forgive me, must be the raisins. I think we toasted you last night with vodka (yes that last word must be the source of what I am now…) love to all, hhope Polly’s ok too. Stay strong. Oliver

  8. Oh and in other news – I woke up, exhaled stale vodka, peeled myself out of bedfordshire and noticed that I’d shaved my head (the mouse?oh maybe). Shit.

  9. I tried to bleach the floor to encourage him to leave – but I think we’re just going to get a gradient two tone mouse aren’t we? Fading up from white at floor level to greyish blarg on top. What am I doing? I’m talking to you about a mouse. Get my fingers off the keyboard now, how boring am I!

  10. Hi Tom! Glad to hear that your recovery is going well. Your brother put out a request for audiobook recommendations so I’m thinking of some and will let him know asap! Hope you are feeling ok anyway. Laura (silver not that pesky street!)

  11. Hey Tom, I heard of your accident and it really shocked me. I’m so glad to hear that you’re making a great recovery. I wanted to leave you a message to let you know that I’m thinking of you and Ellen and that I wish you a full recovery.
    Stay Strong

    (Levanto Summer 06)

  12. Keep on trooping Tom, it’s great to hear of your progree each day. Well done with managing a little more each day off the ventilator. Great steps in the right direction.
    Lots of love to Polly too, wishing you both all the best… stay strong.
    I hope you’re both keeping those nurses in line (i’m not a student nurse or anything!! :o) )
    Take care,

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