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2 thoughts on “Your Ideas”

  1. hey ollie .
    I think that you could ask pepole to make cards for tom and either post it or give it to
    you and dad.
    Dad and I thought you were clever for putting the smily face on a message. he was a bit jealous of you for doing it.

    lots of love josie

  2. Good ideas Josie!!

    First, to make a smily face all you need to do is put a : and next to it a D or a ) or a o. Just like this 😀 . There are many different kind of smily faces that can be done 🙂 😮 . If anyone has anyhing to send to tom via the post, it can be sent to

    11 St Margarets Road
    OX2 6RU

    This is our home address. From there it can be delivered by hand to tom. I am also going to find out the address of the hospital, so direct postage can be an option.

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