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April 7th: On April 3rd 2007 Tom Nabarro, David’s eldest son aged 22, had a serious accident while snowboarding in Bulgaria. He received immediate medical care on the slopes, was transferred to the Military Medical Centre in Sofia, [(to see the whole thing click on the “Quick Update” heading] had emergency surgery for damage to his neck and has, since then, been in the intensive therapy unit at the hospital.

It is expected that he will be transferred by air ambulance to the Spinal Injuries Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the near future. David, together with Tom’s girlfriend Ellen, mother Susie, brother Oliver and Sister Polly, and Ellen’s mother Mandy are in Sofia and see him daily.

April 8th: Tom was transferred by air ambulance to Stoke Mandeville Hospital Aylesbury and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

April 10th: Tom strong and fighting to get better and receiving nursing and medical support. Minimal visitors at this time: Ellen and close family are with him.

April 11th: Tom holding his own, and when not sleeping he recognises us, shows his sense of humour, asks us questions (we are good at lip-reading), wondering a bit about what is happening. He is strong.

We’ll keep the timeline of events updated on the “progress” page.

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  1. Dear David and family,

    Both Oliver and I are praying for Tom’s recovery, and for you and your family at this difficult moment.

    All our best wishes,
    Jordana & Oliver

  2. Dear all,

    Just heard the news. I only met Thomas a few times and went skiing with as well once or twice. He is a great guy and an amazing boarder.
    I’m sure he’s getting the best care possible and couldn’t be in a better situation: surrounded by people that care for him and will support him during his recovery.

    All the best,

  3. Tom, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Just seems the other day you were in Bristol for mine and Lizzie’s birthday!!

    Me & my family are all hoping that your recovery will be full and prompt. I’d love to come and see you as soon as possible, but understand that visitors must be kept to a minimum.

    I’ll check the site on a daily basis to check on your progress and I hope to see you as soon as possible.

    Love to you and your family,


  4. Not that good with these things but here ya go, for u Tom 🙂
    wishing you a speedy recovery and glad to read that you haven’t lost your humour 😀 will never forget you sticking up for me in paleo when i was wantin to sleep and ollie was being difficult 😉
    sending all my love, and since i’m a big guy that’s a hell of alot of love, and prayers to the nabarro family, Dan Stiegler xxx

  5. N1 the stieg. Legendary tales of noble tom. Just to set the record straight, it was Nat (and Colin) as well btw, if by “being difficult” you mean wrapping up your tent with ductape 😀 Put up any paleo photos you have, if u can. Have you got geddy’s?

  6. Dear David and family and Ellen,

    I was very saddened to hear of Tom’s accident. When I look at his pictures, I feel it’s so unfair that something like that could have happened to him.

    There are no words to say that can make things better for you all, but it’s good to read from today’s post that he is responding positively. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish Tom all the best in his recovery.

    I’ll keep checking this site to see how he’s doing. Thanks David for sharing.
    Courage and faith to you all.

    Lots of hugs

  7. Dear Tom and Family, and Ellen,

    I’m so sorry to hear of the accident, I’m thinkng of you all. Tom, you are such a nice and strong person, and I’m sure you will face this hard time with strength and with the best of attitudes. You’ve always been smiley and encouraging when I see you, so I’m sending the same vibes back. Lots of love and best wishes to you all. Thank you also for setting up the website, its a great way to keep everyone informed and to get messages to Tom.

    Love from Alice and the Halliday family x

  8. Tom,

    I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you.

    It was so good to see you in Bristol and get to know each other after all these years.

    Much love to you and to all the Nabarros,

    Emma, Leo and the Peto family

  9. Dear David, Tom and others,

    Terribly sorry to know about the accident.
    Wishing Tom a full and speedy recovery with the Nabarro spirit 🙂

    Stay strong and much faith!

    Our thoughts are with you all. Thank you to David for sharing.

    Sari Setiogi & Little Josi

  10. Tom,

    Heard about the accident from Rosa on monday. Not seen you for far too long (sunny days on Levanto’s finest arcades and rocks…!), but know that theres big love being sent your way from Manchester, and all our wishes for a quick recovery.

    All the best,


  11. Dear tom, ellen, david,suise and co.
    I was really, propely shocked to hear about toms accident
    we are thinking of you ecpecially as we have skied with you so often.
    i sent tom a card just to say hang on in there mate, it probebly made him feel worse at
    the shaby quality of it, thanks ollie for this informatove website.
    thouts with all the family and effected people
    all the best and lots of love
    ben, seth, nat, joe, anna and will

  12. Dear Tom,

    It was a treat to spend Christmas eve and Dan’s birthday with you mate, guess I’ll have to have a pea cocktail waiting for you soon!!

    All the best for the coming period – my thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

    Best wishes Yousif.

  13. Easy Tom
    I am so sorry to hear of whats been going on for you the last few weeks. So tough, and horribly unlucky. I would have sent you a message earlier on if I’d known but am in South Africa with irregular internet. I followed how you’ve been doing on this site, it looks like you’re getting there. I reckon bit by bit is the only way, and a room with a view has got to be good for the soul.

    Best wishes, strength and love to you and all your family too. You know you are surrounded by people thinking of you and for your quickest possible recovery. Many more aren’t so geographically near, but spiritually very close. Don’t forget it. I will be thinking of you and checking up your progress on my sporadic internet visits.
    Keep well, mate, and stay strong. Will be in touch soon

  14. hey tom,
    sorry this has taken me so long, no real excuses, but a few explanations – i’ve been busy caught up in dissertation writing, and exam taking, (plus i have to admit im pretty crap with computers and websites!- i hope ive left this comment on the right page!)
    couldnt quite believe it when i heard about your accident, to say how sorry i am doesnt really do it justice, something like this couldnt have happened to a nicer guy and it breaks my heart everytime i think about it.
    i’m finished with uni now and back in the westcountry in a bit of a ‘transitional period’ i.e. bumming about. i’m absolutely devastated that there wont be a repeat of last summer’s antics in levanto this time round, had such a great time with you, raj, laura, gary and the rest of your crew (as well as hazel and ellen obviously!). that was perhaps one of the best summer holiday’s ive had.
    saw ellen about a month ago which was lovely and it was re-assuring to hear that youve been making progress. all of us at moy road have missed your weekly/fortnightly jaunts down to cardiff but i hope to make it down to stoke mandeville very soon to visit you.
    lots of love
    george x

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